Orchestral Health Intelligence PLATFORM

Unleash the power of data with intelligent healthcare

The Orion Health Orchestral Research Platform has highly scalable data and machine learning capabilities that empower healthcare organisations to effectively leverage their data and intelligence assets.

What is a Health Research Platform and why do you need it?

A Health Research Platform plays a pivotal role in the healthcare industry by addressing numerous challenges faced by researchers and ultimately enhancing their work. With its intelligent insights and advanced features, it provides researchers with a powerful tool to navigate the complexities of healthcare data and unlock valuable knowledge.

With a comprehensive data source, machine learning capabilities, and privacy protection, researchers can easily navigate and analyse vast amounts of data, uncover hidden patterns, and make informed decisions. 

With automated coding and future-proof design, the platform streamlines research processes and keeps researchers ahead of emerging technologies. It’s a reliable companion that empowers researchers to make groundbreaking contributions to healthcare.

Why you’ll love our tech

Our adaptable solution leverages 30 years of global expertise

Efficient data management and governance

Enables academic and health organisations to manage, govern and share their data sets, ensuring integrity, privacy, and security throughout the research process.

Accelerated insights through advanced data exploration

By leveraging machine learning and natural language processing, the Research Platform empowers organisations to gain valuable insights into population health, enabling more accurate risk modeling and informed decision-making.

Streamlined model life-cycle management

Simplifies the management of research models, including model development, training, testing, and version control, allowing for efficient deployment and continuous improvement.

Seamless collaboration and secure data sharing

Research networks, universities, and partnerships can securely share de-identified data and collaborate, overcoming challenges related to federated or regionally-separated data environments while ensuring data confidentiality and compliance.

End-to-end de-identification

Safely share data by de-identifying and removing personal information, ensuring compliance with global data protection laws and guidelines. All this while retaining valuable data and discovering new insights.

Explore data with familiar tools

Facilitates data science activities through Jupyter Hub and Jupyter notebooks for data science or Excel for familiar data exploration.


Simplify the journey from data to trusted insights

Intelligent insights

Secure exploration of healthcare data, managing the model lifecycle, and facilitating real-time algorithm execution for timely insights and enhanced decision-making.

Future-proof design

Extracts insights from unstructured clinical data, identifying relevant phrases, entities, and relationships.

Data Lake

Stores raw data, HL7 results, reference data, images, and genomic variance files, while promoting collaboration among data scientists through shared training data and models.

Machine Learning Platform

Offers centralised storage, monitoring, and execution of algorithms and models, simplifying their lifecycle management and enabling seamless integration with third-party applications via a REST API, including importing pre-built algorithms.


Grow your capabilities with our intelligent add-ons


Safely share data by de-identifying and removing personal information, ensuring compliance with global data protection laws and guidelines.

Smart Coder

Extracts insights from unstructured clinical data, identifying relevant phrases, entities, and relationships.

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Health Intelligence Platform

Orion Health’s Orchestral Health Intelligence Platform is a health-centric solution to acquire and analyse data for individual, cohort and population health management.

Data Aggregation

  • Multiple options for technology infrastructure, receiving, normalizing, codifying and aggregating health data
  • HIPAA Hi-Trust certified highly scalable and customisable data processor
  • Providing a single, unified index of information from a variety of sources

Reporting and Analytics

Intuitive data visualizations to create insights for:

  • Measuring clinical performance and costs.
  • Identifying cohorts of patients based on clinical needs, outcomes performance, clinical trial eligibility, or cost management
  • Gain immediate insights to your data using pre-built dashboard and reports


  • Software for end-to-end de-identification of health data
  • Specifically designed for the healthcare industry, with a focus on patient privacy and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Advanced de-identification techniques with rich features 

Data Science and Machine Learning

  • A ready-to-use library of algorithms, risk scores and predictive models
  • Integration with Machine Learning Manager to deliver advanced analytics
  • The ability to develop custom models and algorithms for your population and healthcare setting
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