Make your healthcare data smarter, faster.


Plenty of Lakehouse solutions can organize and pull valuable insights from health data, but none have been able to solve every challenge at any stage of the journey – until now.

Orchestral Health Intelligence Platform is a fully interoperable, AI-ready, health-specific data platform. It is designed with pre-built data pipelines for standardizing and contextualizing data into our innovative Health Data Model, developed by health tech experts with over 30 years of global expertise.

What sets us apart?

Any data in, any format out.

3 product options to suit your health data needs, at any stage of your data journey. Easily integrates into standard tools using standard APIs.



  • Makes data from disparate sources accessible in one place
  • Stores all data types – structured and unstructured
  • De-Identify capability built-in
  • Data Governance 
  • Schedule analytics jobs 



  • Standardizes and contextualizes data into Health Data Model 
  • Data Model ingests, stores and serves Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)
  • Open and Health Standards agnostic
  • Modern Data Fabric
  • Pre-built pipelines and insights



  • Integrates Machine Learning from training through to optimization
  • Data Science lifecycle using your data, inside data Governance boundary
  • Central repository enables control of model access
  • Easy to deploy and integrate models at scale
Why you’ll love our tech

Four ways we make data smarter for better patient outcomes, clinical efficiencies and reduced costs

Too much messy data

When different systems need to integrate, vast and varied types of siloed data need to be standardized and unified across disparate systems.

Keeps data safe

Reduces the risk of data leakage by supporting many use cases (viewing, research, model training and integration). No need to export, download or transfer data elsewhere.

Better patient outcomes & business decisions

Well-managed, fully utilised data delivers insights intrinsic to enabling Value-based Care through enhanced efficiencies, reduced costs, and better patient experience.

De-Identify, extract insights securely

Contains software for end-to-end de-identification of health data, with a focus on patient privacy and compliance with regulatory requirements.


Supporting organisations as they progress from consistent patient data through to actionable predictive insights

Data aggregation

Capture, store and curate

Reporting and analytics

Gain actionable insights

machine learning solutions

Extract value from data

natural language processing solutions

Apply machine learning techniques

Open APIs

Built on industry standards


Features and services

Data Aggregation

  • Multiple options for technology infrastructure, receiving, normalising, codifying and aggregating health data
  • HIPAA Hi-Trust certified, highly scalable and customisable data processor
  • Providing a single, unified index of information from a variety of sources

Reporting and Analytics

Intuitive data visualisations to create insights for:

  • Measuring clinical performance and costs
  • Identifying cohorts of patients based on clinical needs, outcomes performance, clinical trial eligibility, or cost management
  • Gain immediate insights to your data using pre-built dashboards and reports

Data Science and Machine Learning

  • A ready-to-use library of algorithms, risk scores and predictive models
  • Integration with Machine Learning Manager to deliver advanced analytics
  • The ability to develop custom models and algorithms for your population and healthcare setting


  • Software for end-to-end de-identification of health data
  • Specifically designed for the healthcare industry, with a focus on patient privacy and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Advanced de-identification techniques with rich features 
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