Orion Health Coordinate comprises workflow products built on top of our Amadeus platform to provide comprehensive population health solutions that turn high-quality aggregated data into ‘actionable information’.

From cohort identification, to a list of managed patients, to a particular care pathway, Coordinate streamlines the flow of patients across multiple care settings, adding value by enabling consistent processes across the population. Coordinate also allows care teams to personalize care coordination based on a patient’s specific information and care plan.

Benefits of Coordinate

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Core Components

Collaborative Worklists

Collaborative Worklists enable a multidisciplinary approach to shared care. Teams and patients, stratified by common characteristics, can be added to a list that is shared by one or more users. Clinicians, administrators, case managers, or coordinators have the responsibility for reviewing, working and managing that patient population. Members of the team can view tasks associated with an individual patient or a list of tasks assigned to them across all individuals they are engaging with. Collaborative Worklists provides the ability to organize a group of patients into a worklist that can be monitored and managed by those responsible for caring for them. It provides a convenient, quick way to access patients under an individual or teams care.

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Care Plan: Personalized

Care Plans are used to encourage ongoing collaboration between the patient and their care team on specific goals and actions that the patient wishes to achieve. For each specified goal, there is a measurable target that the individual and their team can record and track progress against. Actions are added to provide the individual with the “how” they will achieve this goal. Barriers can be added that might hinder progress with the objective to increase the individual’s participation in their own care through setting shared goals. When paired with Orion Health Engage, Coordinate provides shared access, where patients and coordinators can review, edit, comment on and print the same Care Plan.

Circle of Care

The Circle of Care provides the connection between members of a team and the healthcare organizations that play a role in the care and support of a patient. It is a pivotal part of a patient’s health record and it facilitates the sharing of information. It enables the identification of key individuals and helps to facilitate communication. The Circle of Care is organized into friends and family, Care Team, and organizations. It controls privacy, optionally enabling or restricting access to the patient’s record on a relationship basis. It offers optional integration with Provider Directory technology, ensuring that standardized provider information is sourced into the patient’s record.

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Care Pathways

This provides the tools that the Care Team requires to deliver a streamlined patient journey. Care Pathways enables predictable, optimized workflows to support and manage programs of care and chronic conditions, for example, Transition in Care and Diabetes Management Pathways. Care Pathways seamlessly models an array of best practice guidelines, documents and records management standards, and enables provider workflows to be enhanced. This can range from an acute hospital setting and across an entire community, as the patient transitions from one care setting to another and returns to their home. Care Pathways supports a wide range of task demands and predictable workflows, from tracking a simple one-off action to capturing highly sophisticated workflows, for example, an initial assessment to a defined risk assessment.

Optional Add-Ons to Coordinate


Patients, clinicians, and care professionals have instant access to health information. Leveraging powerful data sources gives individuals easy, anytime access to their own health record or the health record of a patient they are caring for. Using mobile responsive web technology, fed by real-time data from the Amadeus platform, Engage integrates with Coordinate, to support and enhance patient self-management.


This is an integrated platform that provides a complete, clinician and patient-centric views of medications. Clinicians can reconcile, review and modify medications, while also generating a prescription and a patient schedule. With medication data from prescriptions, community pharmacy dispensaries, and hospital discharge summaries, all aggregated in near real-time, care teams can gain an accurate, comprehensive view of a patient’s medication history record in support of effective and safe care delivery.

Problem List

Problem List is used for creating a reliable, comprehensive, and centralized view of a patient’s health problems. The list enables flexible management of a wide range of health problem types, including medical and nursing diagnoses, food, drug, and environmental adverse reactions. Problem List provides indicating alerts, that highlight any barriers that could prevent an individual from completing care milestones. Problem List supports custom code sets and free-text descriptions as well as a range of code sets including ICD-10, SNOMED CT, and NANDA. Utilizing Problem List can help to remove patient barriers to care.


Analytics helps healthcare organizations improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care by gleaning insights from their population through interactive visualizations of Coordinate data. By streaming data in near real-time to a modern analytics engine, Coordinate simplifies the process of transforming insights from population health analysis into meaningful care coordination initiatives.


The Questionnaires powerful tool makes the management and completion of patient-reported measures quick and easy for both clinicians and patients. Orion Health’s Questionnaires are clinically coded from the outset, enabling clinicians to view the questionnaire response and combine patient-reported data with clinical data. This creates a richer view within the longitudinal patient record and provides enhanced insights within analytics.

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