Unified Healthcare Platform

Solutions for Integrated Delivery Networks

Break down data silos, enhance care coordination, and improve patient outcomes.

Want to seamlessly integrate and access data across your entire provider network?

With Orion Health’s Orchestral Health Intelligence Platform, you can break down data silos and seamlessly integrate data across all your providers, sources, and frequencies to provide a unified view of patient health across your entire network. 

Having a unified view of patient data means quickly unlocking value and identifying high-risk patients, allowing you to implement targeted interventions to improve patient and population health outcomes. 

Our platform empowers Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) to overcome the challenges of data fragmentation, ensuring secure data governance, privacy, and quality. With our solution, you can harness the power of interoperability to transform healthcare delivery and drive exceptional results for your organization.

Why you’ll love our tech

Transform healthcare delivery and boost patient satisfaction in your network.

Seamless data integration

Break down data barriers and integrate information from multiple systems and sources to create a unified view of patient health across your entire network.

Enhanced care coordination

Securely share and exchange vital patient information in real-time, facilitating seamless care coordination and collaboration among specialists within the network.

Improved patient outcomes

Access comprehensive and accurate health data to make informed decisions, avoid medication interactions, and develop personalized treatment plans.

Data security and privacy

Safeguard sensitive healthcare information through robust security measures and compliance protocols, ensuring secure data governance and patient privacy.

Streamlined workflows

Eliminate duplicate data entry and manual processes, empowering healthcare professionals to prioritize care delivery and boost efficiency.

High-quality data

Ensure accurate and reliable information for effective decision-making through standardized data ingestion, validation, and advanced data cleansing techniques.


Build your unified healthcare platform with us

Health Intelligence Platform

Orion Health’s Intelligence Platform is a health-centric solution to acquire and analyse data for individual, cohort and population health management.

Digital Care Record

Orion Health’s Amadeus Digital Care Record provides an integrated health record that consolidates patient data across care settings, enabling enhanced care coordination and population health management. 

Digital Front Door

Orion Health’s Virtuoso Digital Front Door is an omni-channel patient engagement platform that integrates tools and services for end-to-end healthcare navigation and management.

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