New VP says his priority is to partner with the company’s customers to lead the drive
towards engaging patients with shared care record programmes

Orion Health has appointed Mark Hindle as its new vice president for the UK and Ireland. Mark
has joined the leading supplier of digital tools to improve healthcare experience from Evergreen
Life, a personal health record app provider.

In his new role, he said his priority will be to support Orion Health’s existing customers and help
them upgrade to the latest, cloud-based version of its platform.

Mark said: “Orion Health’s shared care records hold information for over a third of the population
of the UK and Ireland. There is a huge opportunity to use this foundation to truly empower
patients and to help our NHS customers to engage with them using technology. I want Orion
Health to be leading on this agenda from its position at the front of the market.

“I am passionate about improving the experience for patients. People should have their
health and care data in their hands, so they can curate it, share it, and understand it. In the UK
and Ireland, we need to be bold in our approach to building a patient experience into shared
care records. These platforms are uniquely placed to put everyone from the clinical staff and
carers to the patient and their family and wider circle of care ‘in the loop’.

“We need to make it as easy as possible for people to ask for help when they need it, knowing
their health and care professionals are on the other end.

“A shared care record is so much more than just data sharing and viewing. There is more we
can do to improve the experience of the people who access these critical systems every day.
We can reimagine the experience for the dedicated health and care workers that rely on the
information being in the right place at the right time and make pathways simpler and faster.

“Orion Health is a cloud-first, world-leading, provider of digital tools for health and care. I want
us to go further for our customers across the UK & Ireland and to be the partner of choice for
the forward-thinking organisations that choose to work with us.”

Orion Health is a privately-owned business, headquartered in New Zealand with business in the
UK for over two decades. In the UK, it supplies the technology that underpins the Northern
Ireland Electronic Care Record, the majority of digital care records in Scotland, and around a
third of the shared care records in England.

Mark started his career at Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust, and
over a twenty-year career, he has held roles at Ascribe and iSoft, leading projects across the
UK and Ireland and internationally. He then founded his own health tech company, Aura
Healthcare, before returning to leadership roles at Allocate Software and Evergreen Life.

Brad Porter, global chief executive officer of Orion Health, said: “We are incredibly proud of our
work in the UK over the last two decades, and in Mark I believe we have found a proven
innovative leader who is passionate about improving the healthcare experience for all. Orion
Health is committed to supporting the communities in which it works, and I know Mark shares

our values for working with our partners to enable the better use of data and digital tools so we
can help free clinicians to do what they do best – looking after people.

“Mark will do a great job of engaging our customers in the UK and Ireland on the development
of their shared care records, to improve the working lives of clinicians and the health and
wellbeing of the people they serve. I very much look forward to working with him to advance our
vision of reimagining the patient experience for all.”