The age of the paper patient record is over. Clinical Companion is your secure gateway to up-to-the-minute patient information, anywhere, anytime.

Clinical Companion is a white-label mobile App which empowers clinicians to access relevant patient information, and manage patients, tasks and communications, anywhere. Clinical Companion has the potential to dramatically improve workflow efficiency and quality of patient care.

Key Benefits

  • On-the-go Access: Enables clinicians to spend more time with patients 
  • Resource Efficient: Clinicians can have their own access rather than sharing workstations, potentially decreasing risk factors associated with unavailability of patient data, which can contribute to errors in decision-making
  • Secure photos: Removes reliance on third-party photo apps and provides a protected way to store photos containing PHI
  • Up-to-date Information: Patient lab results are available immediately
  • White label application: Customers can brand the application to suit their organization

Key Features

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