Orion Health Communicate provides reliable and protected communication between patients, healthcare providers, and organizations across desktop and electronic medical (EMR) systems. Users anywhere can quickly send accurate patient information to other healthcare providers or even to the patients themselves.  

Reducing the risk of communication errors ensures that documentation and records reach the intended destination. This allows received information, including attachments, to be included in a patient’s electronic record instead of being filed as a paper document.  

Improved communication enables our customers to deliver excellent care coordination and can always increase patient engagement while seeking to ensure privacy and confidentiality. 

Communicate is a DirectTrust™ and ONC certified HIPAA compliant Health Information Services Provider (HISP), that offers a provider directory service that enables a simple way to find providers and send secure health information directly to trusted recipients, including patients, over the internet. 


Key Features

  • Webmail
  • Convenient Web Access
  • APIs
  • Public Health Reporting
  • ONC Certifications
  • DirectTrust-Accredited

Communicate is a protected, cloud-based, multitenanted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It runs in a HIPAA-compliant environment, provides identity and access management, and offers certificate and connection management services to healthcare participants of all types, from large healthcare networks to single provider offices.

Communicate Webmail is a convenient way for users to communicate with other providers and patients using a web browser. Messages can be accessed from any desktop with Internet access. Added support is provided for displaying clinical documents for example, the display of Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) and message delivery confirmations.

Mobile and third-party applications can connect to Orion Health Communicate via REST APIs. This enables them to leverage the secure messaging functionality in their own solutions. Communicate implements the DirectTrust Protocols, Direct XDR, SMTP, IMAP plus additional interfaces, as well as Webmail with SSO to connect devices for systems.

Public health reporting is an important function that Orion Health Communicate can facilitate. Protected communications providing information around immunizations and syndromic surveillance are examples where Orion Health Communicate is currently used. Orion Health Communicate can also be utilized for any manner of communication required, from quality reporting, laboratory reporting, transition of care documents and right through to telemedicine.

ONC Certification is an important element when selecting a protected healthcare communication tool. Orion Health Communicate has been certified by the Drummond Group for ONC 2015 170.315 (h)(2) Direct Project, Edge Protocol, and XDR/XDM. Communicate can be used for the HISP (H2) in a Base EHR definition. As an ONC 2015 certified Health IT module Communicate is able to support connectivity with other certified modules using the Direct standards.

Orion Health Communicate is a trusted communication solution. As a fully accredited EHNAC/DirectTrust HISP, you can send and receive messages confidently and reliably to and from any user within the DirectTrust network.

To learn more about the Communicate ONC Health IT Certificate