On average, most healthcare organizations can send up to 3 million messages per month. Improved communication and reducing the risk of communication errors can help healthcare organisations deliver better care coordination and increase patient engagement.  

Communicate makes it easy to send secure health information directly to trusted recipients over the internet, all while maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality.  

It is a central, community-wide information exchange platform that connects to the national DirectTrust® network. Standards-based security is applied so that only the intended recipient can open the message in their secure inbox.  

Communicate reduces the risk of communication errors by ensuring that documentation and records reach the intended destination and allows received information, including attachments, to be included in a patient’s electronic record instead of being filed as a paper document. 

Key Features

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Secure Webmail with no need for physical infrastructure

Communicate Webmail allows users to interact with other direct messaging users without deploying integration or physical infrastructure. Users can access their direct messages from any desktop with internet access. Encryption and decryption of data is performed by Orion Health Communicate.  


Other Orion Health solutions, mobile and third-party applications can connect to Communicate Webmail via REST APIs. This enables them to leverage the secure messaging functionality in their own solutions 

Cross Enterprise Reliable Messaging (XDR)

Communicate Direct XDR supports connection for any system that has integrated support for the Direct XDR standards. For example, EHR and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, or a healthcare solution with Rhapsody™ integration. These systems use XDR messaging (with Direct header additions) to transfer messages between them and Communicate.  


The Orion Health system performs the encryption and decryption of the data in both directions. 


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Integrated Healthcare Provider Directory

Communicate integrates with a Healthcare Provider Directory to allow discovery of Direct addresses. The Provider Directory is integrated with Webmail and is available to external organizations using standards-based integration.  


Organizations have the option of having users automatically added to the Provider Directory and shared with other participating HISP. 

Integrated Connect exchange system

Communicate Connect are devices installed in a client’s facility that act as the security and standards integration required to exchange direct messages with other organizations.  

Electronic systems interact with the device using one of the pre-defined internal interfaces for sending and receiving messages. The Connect device integrates easily with a wide range of client systems, which can then use any of these interfaces including XDR messaging (with Direct header additions) to transfer messages between them and Communicate. 

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