Managing and improving the health of a population means providing optimal care for every individual. Orion Health’s Healthier Populations solution is an integrated, patient-centric solution to help you transform care delivery.

Orion Health delivers an end-to-end population health management solution with seamless data integration and visualization. At the core of Healthier Populations is Orion Health’s massively scalable Amadeus platform, which integrates and aggregates all types of health data to ensure that clinicians have access to a complete patient record and can make quality decisions based on all the relevant information.  

Built on open technology with the capability to connect easily with external applications, Amadeus enables you to analyze vast data sets to identify at-risk patients and those in need of proactive intervention. Not only is the process of data integration greatly simplified, but the resulting patient records are presented through an intuitive user interface – carefully designed to make it easy for clinicians to navigate and make sense of large volumes of information.

Clinicians can manage clinical workflow and take the actions necessary to achieve optimal patient outcomes including enrollment in care plans and highly configurable healthcare pathways; and coordinate care with a multidisciplinary team across varied care settings.

Patient engagement is a critical step in population health management. Orion Health’s portal and mobile applications are designed to encourage patient participation and assist them to be actively involved in their own health.  

From the collection of data, to comprehensive analytics and measurement tools, care management and patient engagement – Orion Health’s Healthier Populations will provide you with one single solution to future proof you for all your Population Health Management needs.

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