The Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) Digital Health Summit took place in Brisbane on the 28 and 29 April, 2022. The purpose of the Summit Series is to bring states and territories back together after a fragmented year, to repair and restore healthcare at the local level. The Summit series kicked off in February in Melbourne, with Brisbane being the second city. Orion Health will continue to be proud Platinum Sponsor at both the Perth and Sydney events.

The Brisbane Summit’s theme was “Keeping it real” with a focus on real improvements to digital health across Queensland. 

Orion Health showcased our Digital front door solution, with Dr Chris Hobson presenting a customer story on how our solution helped address and resolve a key healthcare problem in Canada. 

Stephen Stoyan, our Director of Digital Health in Australia, reflects on all the things we learnt from this summit. 

Working in digital healthcare has never been more rewarding. With Covid lock downs (hopefully) behind us, there is nothing more energising than a community of passionate healthtech enthusiast’s coming together to share ideas, collaborate and foster partnerships.

The Brisbane Summit was held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre in Southbank across two days. I estimate there were over 200+ attendees and the venue was abuzz with excitement for the full two days.

The importance of a learning health system underpinned by health informatics

The keynote discussed how information brings order to chaos; and how entanglement and healthcare can gain alignment via the quadruple aim. One of the key points was that the future of healthcare is where we become a learning and knowledge-based organisation at all levels, at the cutting edge of digital medicine.

Leadership in the digital health era

The second keynote reconfirmed the needs of the quadruple aim by highlighting Harvard Business School research that showed leadership traits most critical to success in digital transformation. Adaptability, curiosity, creativity and comfort with ambiguity were the four traits identified as a result of this research. 

A key takeaway for me was how “The best leaders have a contagious positive energy”. At Orion Health we are fortunate to have several high energy and motivational leaders across the Australian healthcare industry.

The future of digital health in Queensland

We had the opportunity to see Queensland Health’s new 2031 digital strategy. The focus was on digital consumer empowerment, digitally-enabled population health and further investments in healthcare equity, amongst other key initiatives. 

Technology that puts people at the heart of healthcare

Over the next two days, we witnessed eight sessions, over 25 presenters, and three key workshops. It was an honour to host Orion Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Chris Hobson, who travelled from Canada to share our recent success with our solution Digital front door.

Chris discussed a Canadian customer story, detailing their comprehensive plan to better connect care for patients and end hallway health care, while taking steps towards:

  1. Expanding access to digital and virtual care options
  2. Making it easier and more convenient to access health care services and navigate the healthcare system

This new health navigation tool is part of the customer’s “Digital first for health” strategy, that will bring to people more modern, accessible and digitally-enabled health care choices. It will feature one website and one number to call and support Canadian citizens’ health care journey, when and where they need it.

We are already seeing significant consumer engagement on both digital and voice channels and we look forward to sharing another update at the Digital Health Institute’s Perth event in August. 

Thank you to AIDH for making this event so welcoming and ensuring this event was a success. We look forward to seeing some new faces in Perth and continuing the passion, momentum and enthusiasm shared by the members.

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Image of Stephen Stoyan courtesy of AIDH Brisbane Digital Summit