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Solutions for Interoperability

Bringing complex data together from multiple systems, devices and organisations to improve healthcare delivery.

Orion Health’s solutions aggregate data from a variety of settings and seamlessly integrate it across disparate systems to provide a comprehensive view of the patient.

Tackling interoperability head on

Healthcare is now inundated with significantly larger volumes and more varied types of data. There’s an urgent need to organise and present this data for efficient processing by care providers. To truly build a healthcare system that can evolve at the rapid pace of technology, science and informatics, organisations must tackle interoperability head on.

Interoperability is the ability for different information systems, devices and applications to access, exchange, integrate and cooperatively use data in a coordinated manner. In healthcare, this leads to quality patient care, as data can flow seamlessly across the continuum of care and be accessed by relevant parties when needed. 

Orion Health’s solutions support a range of interoperability standards, exchange mechanisms and international nomenclatures, such as HL7 version 2, FHIR APIs and SNOMED CT terminology.

Why you’ll love our tech

Our adaptable solution leverages 30 years of global interoperability expertise to provide a unified, user-friendly hub.

Reduce clinician burnout

With a comprehensive view of patient information pulled from both traditional and non-traditional sources, health providers can make a better assessment of their patients and deliver better care, faster.

Safer transitions of care

Interoperability enables safe transitions by allowing multiple health and care providers to access relevant patient information in a timely manner.

Save patient time

Interoperability enables easy transfer of patient information between providers, so patients don’t have to remember details of their past providers, treatments, medication or lab results.

Lower healthcare costs and reduce duplication

Patients don’t have to retake blood tests if they visit another clinic shortly after. The clinician can view and assess recent test results, saving time and avoiding unnecessary tests.

Maintain patient privacy

Reducing the need for clinical staff to manually update patient records means patient privacy can be maintained more effectively.

Reduce medication errors

The exchange of patient medication records across health systems, adhering to international standards helps lower the chance of medication errors and increase patient safety.

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Health Intelligence Platform

Orion Health’s Orchestral Health Intelligence Platform is a health-centric solution to acquire and analyse data for individual, cohort and population health management.

Digital Care Record

Orion Health’s Amadeus Digital Care Record provides an integrated health record that consolidates patient data across care settings, enabling enhanced care coordination and population health management.

Digital Front Door

Orion Health’s Virtuoso Digital Front Door is an omni-channel patient engagement platform that integrates tools and services for end-to-end healthcare navigation and management.

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