Orion Health Hospitals Clinical Workstation

A groundbreaking, purpose-built solution that transforms patient care

Orion Health’s Clinical Workstation provides a comprehensive Electronic Patient Record that empowers healthcare providers to access real-time patient data securely and efficiently.

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With a suite of integrated applications, Clinical Workstation streamlines clinical workflows, enhances communication among care teams, and ultimately improves patient outcomes.


Why you'll love our tech

Clinical_workstation_1. Reduce paper processes-min
Clinical Workstation benefit one - Reduce paper processes-min
Reduce paper processes
Clinical_workstation_2. Deliver best care-min
Deliver the best possible care
Clinical workstation benefit 3. Make Clinicians lives better
Make clinician's lives easier
Clinical workstation benefit 4 Increase patient safety
Increase patient safety
Enable positive patient experiences
Clinical workstation benefits 6 access patient records
Access the patient record, anywhere

Value our tech delivers

Clinical Portal

Provides desktop and mobile access to a unified EPR so clinicians can view crucial patient information and use a suite of clinical applications whenever and wherever needed. It includes dashboards and configurable cards, patient searches, docked windows and standard worklists.

Problem List

Creates a reliable, comprehensive view of a patient’s health status and enables providers to easily record, reconcile and actively manage a variety of patient problem types such as diagnoses, allergies and key events such as major surgery or implant placement.

Clinical Forms

Provides an innovative, mobile-optimised solution to manage clinical documentation for care teams, enabling the easy capturing of data at a patient’s bedside or out in the community. Examples include clinical assessments, risk assessments, surgical site surveillance and PACU documentation.

Progress Notes

Digitises clinical note taking, making clinical notes available within Clinical Workstation. Includes remote entry and viewing options, with a convenient dictation function on mobile devices. Clinicians can also leverage docked windows to efficiently take notes while accessing other parts of the patient record.

Results Viewer

Provides access to a patient’s laboratory and radiology results. Numerical laboratory results can be viewed individually, cumulatively or in graph format as desired by the user. Recent results are viewable on a results card on the patient summary page within Clinical Workstation so that clinicians have quick access to the latest information on a patient.


Medicines Viewer

Provides a consolidated patient-centric view of medications across the health and social care ecosystem using standards-based modelling and data aggregation. This trusted information source helps admitting clinicians identify gaps and inconsistencies in the patient’s medicines history, leading to safer and more efficient medication management.


A smart, simple and effective tool to guide care teams through accurate task completion by providing a predefined set of action items or checks that can be added to a patient record or linked to a clinical encounter. Each checklist displays all of the required actions that need to be taken for the patient in their current state or location. 


Electronic, mobile solution for recording bed-side vital signs and monitoring a patient’s Early Warning Score (EWS). Enables clinicians to capture vital signs, get automated EWS and escalation pathway calculations, visualise and monitor trends, modify EWS triggers, view vitals summary on patient dashboard and view all patients EWS and trends in one view on the ward whiteboard.

Whiteboard views

Leverage three whiteboard views that are refreshed every 30 seconds to streamline clinical administration and improve patient safety. The ward whiteboard shows patient location, EWS trends, and theatre status for each patient, kitchen whiteboard presents dietary information, and theatre whiteboard displays daily theatre bookings integrated with the PAS for real-time updates.

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