Amadeus Digital Care Record

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An integrated Digital Care Record solution that supports digital disease screening and early detection of cancer.

Orion Health’s Amadeus Digital Care Record screening solution provides the integrated workflow to fully manage the end-to-end processes for digital screening programmes for entire population cohorts. 

Detect pre-cancerous abnormalities and early-stage cancers before symptoms occur

In Australia, there are three national population-based screening programs for breast, bowel and cervical cancer. Each program aims to detect pre-cancerous abnormalities or early-stage cancers before symptoms occur, when there is the best chance of successful treatment and survival. All Australians within a target population are invited to screen through these programmes.

Orion Health’s Digital Care Record’s screening capability is designed and developed through collaboration with subject matter and clinical experts over many years. It starts with client enrolment and moves to the identification and management of at-risk populations, providing a streamlined clinical workflow that enables a multi-provider service to work through one shared database.

Why you’ll love our tech

Leveraging 30 years of global interoperability experiences, our targeted solutions aim to increase patient engagement and improve the healthcare experience.

Increase screening of at-risk populations

The screening and assessment functionality of our Digital Care Record facilitates all aspects of the process, making it easier to screen more efficiently.

Reduce clinical risk and staff burnout

Provides all users with better digital tools that streamline processes and allow for more efficient workflows which are on a continuous improvement stream supported by data quality and radiographers.

Grow client intake and participation

Clients can be invited manually or via pre-designed rules, then scheduled and booked, with the option of self-booking via the Digital Front Door.

Constructive reporting and outputs

Data collection and reporting functionalities simplify the task of reviewing and reporting data captured in the solution, harnessing this vital information for ongoing research.

Strengthen accuracy of reports with a double-blind reading system

Enforces a double-blind reading system, where two radiologists view the same mammograms independently, ensuring a higher level of accuracy and accountability.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to save lives

By partnering with some of the world's best AI organisations, Orion Health is working to see how AI can improve the screening process and help accelerate the identification of high-risk patients.

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