Until recently, health information belonged to everyone but the patient. Information on conditions was hard to access, diagnoses and results were closely guarded by healthcare providers. But now it’s moving to the web browser and pocket where patients have instant access to health information and know more about their health.

Consumers are increasingly demanding access to (and control over) all their data, and health is no exception. Engage leverages Apple’s HealthKit technology and Orion Health’s own interoperability and aggregation technologies in Orion Health Amadeus, with application across the health spectrum for people who are:

  • Well, who aim to stay that way through following health advice and getting individualised feedback
  • Ill, who are dealing with complex management of chronic conditions
  • And those in between, who are working through the steps back to wellness

Using both a browser-based portal and mobile app, fed by real-time data including clinical, claims and consumer device data, Engage integrates with Orion Health Coordinate, for clinicians and healthcare professionals to deliver comprehensive care management.

Benefits of Engage

Key Features


Patients can actively work towards the goals in their care plan and track their progress. Goals provide a motivational tool and a sense of achievement for the patient, while also giving the care team visibility of the patient’s behaviour in the home setting.


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Keeping track of their healthcare schedule is easy for patients thanks to Orion Health’s configurable services. Past and upcoming appointments can be pulled from multiple scheduling systems, providing access to a consolidated real-time list.


Email-based notifications and reminders can be set up by patients to stay on top of updates relating to their health record in real-time. This helps reduce gaps in care and ensures timely intervention. Notifications include when a new C-CDA document is received, when a new file is added, updated or deleted, and reminders about upcoming appointments.

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Questionnaires can be used to gather pre-visit or pre-assessment information, assess at-risk patients and assign tasks. Patients can use Engage Mobile to complete and submit a response to a questionnaire or task assigned by a clinician. Care teams or case managers can then assess adherence to chronic care pathways, measure patient experiences and outcomes, and provide better care and support.

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