Managing and improving the health of a population means coordinating and integrating care so that every individual receives the perfect care for them.

Integrated Care is information-driven and addresses the needs of the population through innovative solutions that encourage cross-community care and collaboration.
This approach upends the traditional healthcare delivery model, which centres on individual clinical disciplines performing tasks in isolation, to using end-to-end solutions that vertically integrate systems to provide a centralised, complete view of the patient to any clinician who treats that person.
Patient Engagement is another critical step in integrated care, and requires smart applications designed to encourage patient participation and assist them to be actively involved in their own health.
The journey to integrated care is a complex one, but technology can help to support this; from the collection of data, to comprehensive analytics and measurement tools, care management and patient engagement – Orion Health will provide you with one single solution to future proof you for all your population health management needs.


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