Our Story

At Orion Health, we are inspired to improve the way people receive care, and motivated to build the technology that can make this happen. Read more about our story and vision for the future of healthcare technology.

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Make a difference

Be surrounded by others who have accepted the challenge to look past boundaries and deliver solutions that will create a healthier world. Our team are passionate about improving people’s lives through the latest technology. 


We enjoy an upbeat and social atmosphere that encourages teamwork and the sharing of ideas. We are open to letting you design your own work day, with flexible working conditions and a variety of work stations such as serene booths, comfy couches and stand-up meeting rooms where ideas can be explored as a team.



We celebrate diversity not only with our people but also in the variety of projects and tasks you will have the opportunity to get involved with at Orion Health. Be part of a fast paced, dynamic environment, where you can take part in exciting new challenges every day.

Our Values

We believe that by being open with everyone, courageous in all we do and trusting each other that we can create software that helps people receive personalised care. Explore more about our values below.

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    We deliver better results together than on our own.

    That’s why we are open and curious, we ask and listen, we value other people’s ideas and share our knowledge, we look to learn and grow, and support others to, and we relish working with anyone who can help improve our results.

    So we never exclude or isolate, we’re never rude, and we never silo or behave like heroes.


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    When we trust people to do the right thing, they will.

    We trust each other, and we each repay that trust by delivering on our promises, and by doing the right thing with integrity, honesty and respect. Colleagues, clients, clinicians and citizens trust us to unleash their success.

    So we never act in self-interest, over promise or chase profit.


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    There is always a better or simpler way.

    We have the courage to think at the edge, push boundaries, explore new ideas; to fail sometimes; to challenge and be challenged; and the persistence and attention to detail to craft simpler, better outcomes in all our work.

    So we never over complicate, cut corners or point fingers.

    By being open with everyone, courageous in all we do, and acting in ways that mean we are trusted by others, we will become a company that people clamour to work for, and that customers flock to do business with.


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    Join our team

    Orion Health is home to over 1,110 talented individuals around the globe who strive to create solutions that revolutionise the way people receive healthcare.

    Our people are passionate about helping others through the latest technology innovations. Become part of the team and make a difference in global healthcare.

    Join our team

A career to fit your values

We know joining a new company is a big decision and we want to make sure that we are the right place for you. With that in mind we have created this values quiz so that you can see if our values fit with yours. The quiz will ask about who you are, and whether that fits with the personal qualities we are looking for.

Before you take the quiz you may want to take a look at our values, to get a better idea of the values that help people enjoy a successful career at Orion Health.