Improving the exchange of critical clinical and medication data, the North Dakota Health Information Network (NDHIN) has extended their Health Information Exchange (HIE), upgrading to the Orion Health Amadeus Platform. NDHIN providers can now seamlessly share, view and receive patients’ immunization records, medication lists, histories, discharge summaries, lab results and radiology reports as well as share referrals electronically.

Shila Thorson, the North Dakota Health Information Technology director believes it is a priority to harness technology to serve citizens throughout North Dakota’s rural and urban communities. Speaking about the Orion Health Amadeus platform she said, “these enhancements to the state’s Health Information Exchange are a great example of the improved data and information sharing enabled by the platform. By continuing to improve secure access to medical records and expanding the type of clinical communications that can be shared, we will be helping healthcare stakeholders and patients make more informed and timely healthcare decisions.”

At Orion, we are seeing HIE priorities shift as patients and providers begin to realize the benefits of health data sharing. Today the more advanced HIEs, such as NDHIN, are looking at how to take it to the next level with additional tools for enhanced analytics, proactive notifications and new data types.

This also includes migrating their data to the cloud. With our capability on Amazon Web Services (AWS), we offer a best-in-class suite of solutions that help healthcare organizations ingest and connect multiple data sources across health systems in the cloud, all while securing data to meet compliance, privacy and regulatory requirements.

We believe this will help NDHIN with their journey to leverage the boundless computing power and scalability of the cloud and lay the foundation for comprehensive population health management, including care coordination tools, analytics and solutions for precision medicine.

To illustrate how this technology can improve care, we can use an example of a patient who is prescribed medication that requires monitoring of blood serum levels for optimum medication management. The pharmacist can access the NDHIN clinical portal to review clinical laboratory results as well as other key medical records such as radiology reports, clinical summaries and transcribed documents.

The state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), accessible via a single login to the clinical portal, can also be checked to ensure the right treatment option is provided. A new medication management application that displays the filled prescription list is also accessible via the clinical portal. Using the NDHIN system results in improved medication management, visibility into the health record, real-time access to data and improved care coordination.

Amadeus is an open and scalable platform for population health and precision medicine that delivers a comprehensive approach to acquiring, enriching, analyzing and presenting actionable data. With the platform, healthcare organizations have a solid foundation to execute population health management programs, support new and emerging value-based care models and prepare for precision medicine. We’re honored to expand our relationship with NDHIN as they enter this next phase in their evolution by providing them with the foundation needed to improve medication management and care coordination, as well as prepare them to tackle tomorrow’s healthcare challenges head on.