As we approach the end of the year, here’s a recap of blogs our LinkedIn audience loved reading the most.

Leading the way is a blog to recognise International Women’s Day which highlighted some of the outstanding women who are at the helm of our success. This was closely followed by International Nurses Day celebrations where our clinical consultants shared their perspectives on how technology will shape the future of healthcare.

Benefits of the healthcare digital front door and how we can improve health systems through better patient engagement were also key topics our audience enjoyed reading about, along with a summary of Southern Cross Healthcare’s presentation on their digital transformation journey at our UK and Ireland Customer Conference.

1. Celebrating #BreakTheBias on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is held annually on March 8 to recognise the accomplishments of women around the world while working toward gender equality. For this year’s IWD theme, #BreakTheBias, we highlighted four of our amazing women in engineering, sales, finance and governance.

2. Celebrating International Nurses Day

Our Clinical Consulting team brings a unique skill set and perspective to Orion Health that is critical to developing our technology. To celebrate International Nurses Day, we asked them to share their views on the evolution of health IT and how technology will shape the future of healthcare.

3. Five benefits of a digital front door in healthcare

The long-standing reality of healthcare is that it’s ripe for disruption by innovative technology solutions. A digital front door empowers people to interact with the health system at a time and place convenient to them while easing the strain on our health systems. Here we take a look at five ways a digital front door can benefit healthcare.

4. Southern Cross Healthcare at the UK and Ireland Customer Conference 2022

New Zealand’s largest private healthcare organisation, Southern Cross Healthcare, joined us at our UK and Ireland Customer Conference 2022 in Bristol to talk about our unique innovation partnership and share highlights from their digital transformation journey towards a paperless patient record.

5. Improving health systems through better patient engagement

Consumers often want to better manage their healthcare, but they don’t know where to start – where can I get the support I need? Why am I waiting so long for my appointment? Who do I need to speak to? We discuss how a Digital Front Door provides the much needed digital tools for people to interact with health and care organisations.