Reflecting over the past few years, Orion Health has been presented with, and overcome challenges many businesses would only dream of, particularly in the current climate due to the global pandemic. Our focus now is on looking forward, so here we consider the effects of COVID-19, some emerging trends in the healthcare industry and what the future looks like for Orion Health.  

2020 has seen a huge shift in the way healthcare organisations across the globe operate due to the rapid, worldwide spread of COVID-19. An industry that has been slower than most to adapt to new technologies has had to respond at lightning speed, implementing agile IT systems in parallel to dealing with huge excess demands on their facilities. 

With the healthcare sector finally getting the attention it needs for change, it’s a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how important digital technology is in order to optimise healthcare outcomes. Something Orion Health has been pioneering for the past 27 years. 

Rise in digital technology 

Throughout the pandemic we saw a rise in the adoption of virtual applications by healthcare organisations to help manage patients both in and out of hospitals, and the necessity of analytics in order to plan for the future and help manage its spread.  

Here in New Zealand we delivered a free national solution to support scenario modelling, risk prediction, forecasting and planning throughout New Zealand’s COVID-19 response. This was accelerated to market through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s COVID-19 Innovation Acceleration fund.  

Globally, we have been working closely with our customers and utilising our software to help them navigate the new normal. We have developed new clinical pathways for patients turning up at hospitals at risk of having the virus and provided remote patient monitoring solutions, enabling patients to engage with their clinical teams without being face to face, keeping them out of the hospital.

The future of healthcare technology  

With healthcare organisations having expedited the adoption of these new virtual applications, and patient’s progressively wanting to take a more active role in their care by utilising devices such as fitness trackers and ECG monitors, there are plenty of exciting opportunities on the horizon for healthcare.  

With this opportunity does comes challenges, particularly in terms of taking the valuable insights that are being collected and effectively utilising them to improve healthcare outcomes. Enabling this to happen and allowing patients to be engaged in their care will open a world of information for providers.

These emerging trends, and the worldwide spotlight on healthcare, has reinvigorated our drive to innovate and solve our customers problems in order to provide them with the tools they need to target the right patient, deliver them the right kind of care at the right time and place.

What next for Orion Health?  

Whilst the past few years have presented us with challenges, we have been fortunate to be able to come through the pandemic in a strong position and are proud to have been able to support our clients throughout.

We have a long-term vision that will take time to realise due to the level of change required but seeing recognition of the importance of healthcare and what a difference technology makes helps build momentum for our future.

The future is certainly bright, and we look forward to collaborating with others in the sector to continue our mission to revolutionise global healthcare, so every individual receives the perfect care for them.

Orion Health Global Sales Director, James Rice, talks more on what Orion Health has been up to and what’s in store for the future in the latest Digital Health Insights with Scott Arrol podcast.