Orion Health (OHE:NZX/ASX) announced today it has signed a major contract with a large Canadian province to provide managed services for its care coordination solution. The new contract builds on the foundation of an existing Orion Health deployment in that province.

The solution, known as the Care Coordination Tool (CCT), is part of Orion Health’s Coordinate suite of products, which enables healthcare providers to create, view and publish care plans for their complex high needs patients. These care plans can be shared amongst a patient’s healthcare team in order to improve overall care and experience for the patient. 

Orion Health CEO Ian McCrae says the customer selected Orion Health’s solution because it wanted to leverage its existing Orion Health technology investment.

“CCT is built on top of the client’s Integrated Assessment Record (IAR). IAR was the first of its kind in Canada to be deployed in order to extend electronic sharing of patient assessments to the community care sector,” Mr McCrae says.

“By selecting Orion Health, the client did not have to start from scratch. It can evolve the existing digital health assets owned by healthcare providers without the need for an expensive ‘rip and replace’.” 

Orion Health has a well established reputation as a digital health vendor in the Canadian market, with its technology deployed in 11 out of 13 Canadian provinces and territories.

Gary Folker, Executive Vice President for North America says, “CCT is one of the first solutions in the Canadian health sector to enable a variety of healthcare providers in both the hospital and community environment to support high-needs patients. It will allow care providers to access a patient’s care plan in one place. These complex patients now have a care plan that they can share with their family members as it pertains to their specific care and treatment path.” 

Mr Folker adds, “Complex patients may have up to four or more different care providers within their circle of care. CCT helps to bridge the communication gap between providers, while at the same time keeping the patient and their families well informed.The CCT solution has the ability to expand and support a growing population which will enable the addition of expanded solutions as the needs of this population change over time.”