State-of-the-Art HIE, Based on Orion Health’s Amadeus Platform and New Modules, Now Delivering Real-Time, Actionable Data for Providers, Payers, and other Stakeholders

BOSTON – April 5, 2021 – SYNCRONYS, New Mexico’s designated health information exchange (HIE), is joining forces with Orion Health, a leading provider of population health management solutions, to launch a next-generation health information exchange model. Together, SYNCRONYS and Orion Health will break down data-sharing barriers, increase interoperability, and enhance the functionality, data sets, reach, and overall value of the HIE.

As part of the collaboration, Orion Health migrated SYCRONYS’ legacy HIE platform, existing interface connections, and historical data to the Orion Health multi-tenant Amadeus platform, which uses a scalable database to capture and align patient information from multiple providers and payers, creating an innovative healthcare ecosystem. The migration also included deployment of new modules: Orion Health CoordinateOrion Health Medicines Viewer, and Orion Health Discover. Orion Health will also expand direct Secure Messaging (DSM) and Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities to supplement SYNCRONYS’ existing provider integrations. 

“With our partners, we are building an integrated infrastructure and organization, providing the right actionable data at the right time and at the right place. Our integration with Orion Health will allow healthcare providers who use the HIE to make the best-informed decisions to deliver high-quality care to New Mexicans,” said Terri Stewart, Chief Administrative Officer of SYNCRONYS.

The new solutions will interoperate with partner vendors’ solutions as required, in accordance with the vision of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to enhance, utilize, and share technology in place in the healthcare ecosystem.

“Orion Health is delighted to be selected as a partner of choice to deliver New Mexico’s next-generation HIE platform,” said Ian McCrae, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Orion Health. “Storing and aggregating vast volumes of different clinical data, surfacing it in data analytics, and applying adaptable clinical tools for care coordination and medications management will enable New Mexico’s providers to improve the patient experience and population health, while also reducing the cost of care.”

As the partnership grows and evolves, Orion Health will supply SYNCRONYS with dedicated resources to perform ongoing technical onboarding of new data providers and their interfaces, and will serve as an extension to the SYNCRONYS technical team to work on technical solutions within the HIE. 

“Orion Health has a long-standing relationship with SYNCRONYS and we’re very excited to help build a unified solution that benefits patients and providers throughout New Mexico,” said Chad Peterson, VP National Accounts of Orion Health. “As the industry continues working toward true interoperability, our groundbreaking care collaboration will serve as a model to the rest of the country.”


SYNCRONYS (formerly the Lovelace Clinic Foundation dba New Mexico Health Information Collaborative (NMHIC)) is a private not for profit organization formed in 1990, aimed to improve New Mexico’s healthcare for all New Mexicans. SYNCRONYS is the State of New Mexico’s designed Health Information Exchange (HIE).  For more information visit

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