An analytics solution for exploring data, to assist decision-making in improving clinical outcomes. 


As communities grow, the cost of healthcare is expected to rise significantly over the next 20 years.

Healthcare organizations spend millions wasted every year in avoidable costs such as unnecessary care, avoidable hospitalizations, preventable errors or the right care not being delivered.

Insights into the health of a population can enable us to target the right patient cohorts and tailor the right care plan more effectively, safely and sustainably.   

Orion Health Discover is an analytics solution that offers timely dashboard and visualizations of data stored in the Orion Health systems, assisting health care professionals and their leadership to understand and explore their data. 

Discover aids decision-making and timely interventions with the goal of improving clinical outcomes, patient and staff satisfaction, resource utilization, information governance and financial performance.




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Interactive visualizations and filters

Dashboards and reports are designed to enable the following interactions by end-users, as appropriate to each dashboard’s intended use and subject to the user having the necessary permissions:

  • Filters to adjust date range
  • Filters to adjust date interval (year/quarter/month/week/day)
  • Displayed additional information when hovering over a data point plotted on a chart
  • Drill down to see additional insights
  • Hover over for tooltips and context sensitive help

Populates source data from Orion Health products into a reporting schema

Extract, load and transform (ETL) processes are performed to populate the Discover Schema with data from Orion Health products. Designed for performance reporting, the schema is used to populate dashboards and reports.

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Hierarchy-based content restrictions

The content displayed in the dashboards and reports can be filtered based on the user’s organization. Depending on the configuration, users may only view data for their own organization or related organizations they are accountable for within the hierarchy of the wider health economy.

Permission-controlled download capability to support offline analysis

Dashboards and reports can be downloaded as an image (PNG), data (CSV), document (PDF) or presentation (PPT), with permissions governed by access control, enabling additional analysis offline in third-party applications such as Microsoft™ Excel.


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Single-click to open a patient record

Select any individual patient to open their record. Once the patient is in context, users can navigate to other patients on the list in two clicks.

Web-based, self-service access to dashboards and reports

Discover runs inside Orion Health Clinical Portal to enable self-service access to dashboards and reports. Customers with a library subscription benefit from new insights with every product upgrade.

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Close gaps in care using worklists

Action any insights by creating a worklist directly from a dashboard. Users can choose which colleagues to share the list with, facilitating a team-based approach to closing gaps in care. 

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