Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) must make significant investments to sustain operations.

Administrative, data integration, compliance, and care coordination costs required for a Medicare Share Savings Program (MSSP) is estimated by ACOs themselves at $1.5 million annually. New generation technology can help alleviate most of this cost and lighten the administrative workload with automation by bringing all stakeholders into one platform.

MSSP Management is an elegant, easy-to-use, and cost-effective product to derive the maximum shared savings available from the Medicare Shared Savings Program. 

Designed and built in consultation with a successful ACO, MSSP Management minimizes ACOs' operational burden and facilitates data integration to quickly maximize quality measures and performance, and generate immediate ROI.

Our product provides an intuitive common interface with self-service tools for all ACO participants. These tools not only provide an innovative solution (as evidenced by our client being named a major innovator in the Healthcare Informatics Innovator Awards) for the integration problems inherent with multiple participant EMRs, they also distribute the effort of data gathering and sharing across all participants while preserving central oversight of quality measure thresholds and scoring.

MSSP Management | Overview

Benefits of MSSP Management

Key Features

MSSP Quality Measures.png

Real time MSSP dashboards

Track and improve clinical quality measures in real time through visibility into provider-level reports and see performance across an entire managed population. Drill down to the underlying patient list and then further into each patient record.

Common interface for data capture and data sharing

Ensure quality scores accurately reflect the care provided to beneficiaries during the measurement period.

Customizable Worklists

Track patients that require additional tasks to be completed such as a phone screen, chart review or appointment booking.

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MSSP File Management.png

Drag and drop file management

Manage files easily with a drag and drop interface, and automatically assign beneficiaries to participants assignment file data.

Advanced data integration

Integrate MSSP Management into Orion Health Amadeus so that data from your EMR systems can be streamed in real-time into the underlying ACO registry models.

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