As health systems become more focused on outcomes and reducing costs, the value of medical devices alone is not enough—they must contribute meaningful data to provide actionable information for purchasers, as well as demonstrate value and provide competitive differentiation to influence procurement decisions.

Our next generation technology—with secure, vigilant, and resilient cyber security and privacy protocols — provides medical device manufacturers with strategic interoperability, as well as a smart data platform that encourages collaboration with providers, patients, and payers to share health data.

The result? More real-time information to use in making investment decisions and providing evidence of device value to the consumer, their ordering physicians and payers. Applying Precision Medicine, it may be that an individual's genetic profile, combined with other social, family and environmental factors, indicates they would benefit more from a device (such as a pacemaker) than surgery or medication.

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  • #1 in Data Integrity, Security and Privacy, Accountable Care Support/Analytics and Patient Accessibility.


    2015 HIE Findings

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