A comprehensive pandemic Outbreak Management Solution that provides a suite of modules that help to alleviate the demand on health systems.

Globally, healthcare providers need virtual care to address the impact of COVID-19 on health systems. Health systems are not only facing massively increased loads of COVID-related concerns, but they also must manage their existing obligations from inpatients to outpatients and those they manage in the community. Right across the board, every facility and service modality not limited to hospitals and hot lines are experiencing unprecedented demand off an already struggling baseline.

Existing models of care entrenched around face-to-face consults are rapidly being replaced by telehealth service models. Telehealth helps reduce the key public health concern of disease transmission, but still these telehealth models do not fully optimise the productivity of an already overwhelmed health system resources. 

Orion Health’s Outbreak Management Solution not only optimises clinical productivity by automation and patient empowerment but also contains modules required to support, supplement and expedite the shift to virtual care. We enable this by offering a platform deployable in less than a week and modules with features to address the needs of clinicians treating all cohorts of patients.

The solution includes

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The use of data science allows providers to identify and curate lists of patients – both COVID-19 negative and positive who would benefit from active monitoring or care as well as tracking their ongoing progress.

Providers can use this element to maintain the visibility of patients who are presenting symptoms or those concerned they may have had exposure to the virus. Providers can complete proactive identification of high-risk patients from existing HIE data.

Reporting dashboards allow providers to track and display the status of COVID cases and report back to interested parties.

As data is captured, and new information is learnt, algorithms can be run to further identify at-risk patients and then deployed and imbedded into clinical practice.


The solution enables providers to actively engage and manage patients before they enter the hospital (inbound), and  continue the engagement with those being sent home (outbound) or already known to the service as outpatients. 

Clinical protocols manage both COVID-19 and non-COVID patients by sending digital symptoms questionnaires directly to their patient portal for completion. When patient responses return to the system, automated rules triage and stratify them by defined and individually tailorable risk thresholds; subsequently surfacing these patients as low, medium or high risk within the clinical system.

The health system can now manage and focus on the most at-risk and reserve the need for one-on-one phone calls or consultations for those individuals who most need it as well as ensuring visibility over imminent service demand.

Some patients are not able to interact with the health service electronically and still need telephone contact, and our case management module provides clinicians the tools to manage this cohort of patients.

Our Virtual Care offering allows clinicians to monitor individuals using a range of tools, such as one-to-one consultations, tailored question trees, forms, and symptom-checkers–proactively, and in a streamlined and coordinated way. 

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Patients are onboarded into a web-based patient portal via invitation or self-onboarding process.

Healthcare providers can communicate directly with their patients to provide negative test results; reducing the burden on healthcare workers who have been telephoning patients – sometimes up to 300 calls per day.  

Clinicians can engage with patients through secure, two-way messaging. Allowing patients to contact their care providers if required and update on symptoms.

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