Orion Health is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network.

As an Advanced Technology Partner, achieving healthcare competency within the AWS Partner Network (APN) differentiates Orion Health as a member that provides specialized demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success. As an Advanced Technology Partner, Orion Health is recognized for offering a best-in-class suite of solutions that help healthcare organizations ingest and connect multiple data sources across health systems, all while securing that data to meet compliance, privacy and regulatory requirements.

Recently, Orion Health migrated a number of its largest U.S. customers to the cloud including Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, a major Payer organization covering 50% of the New Jersey market, and KeyHIE, a Health Information Exchange serving more than 5.8 million patients, 29 hospitals and 370 physician practices. Both Horizon and KeyHIE are exemplars to the U.S. health sector of the benefits of migrating to the cloud, lowering costs, improving patient-centered care and building capability in the use of large and complex data sets to perform high-value predictive analytics.

  • “Healthcare organizations globally look to Orion Health as the foundation for managing large volumes of data securely from multiple sources, so they can extract useful insights which result in improved patient care. AWS and Orion Health together enable healthcare organizations to meet the needs of customers caring for millions of patients, leveraging the boundless computing power and scalability of AWS, taking advantage of machine learning technologies, increasing uptime and driving better business outcomes. It’s a winning combination."

    Ian McCrae

    Founder and CEO