According to Ian McCrae, founder and CEO of Orion Health, the shift to the cloud was a no-brainer – the number and size of the datasets involved and the requirements for integration with multiple other platforms demanded a cloud strategy. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to hold all data on-premises. It is also far easier to ensure security and privacy on a platform such as AWS.

To enable and accelerate cloud computing Orion Health is an AWS Partner. Orion Health can help guide healthcare organisations out of proprietary data centres and to the public cloud to take advantage of cloud benefits and enhanced interoperability. The main contribution of the cloud, or Software as a Service (SaaS), to the health industry, is the reduction of the total cost of ownership.

Orion Health Cloud leverages the computing power and scalability of AWS to help healthcare organisations deliver fast, secure data across their health systems. The ability to ingest and move multiple data sources to the cloud dramatically increases software quality and speeds up development times, all while securing that data to meet compliance, privacy and regulatory requirements.

The ability to scale

AWS enables Orion Health to economically scale to meet the needs of customers caring for millions of individuals. The migration to AWS empowers Orion Health to leverage the flexibility and scalability of AWS, to build and deploy innovative software solutions, increase uptime and security and drive better business outcomes.

With the move to the cloud for healthcare organisations, there will be an improvement in the efficient utilisation of data and connectivity so that healthcare organisations can provide clinicians with the information they need. By leveraging data as a strategic asset through accelerated workflows for clinicians, administrators, analysts and data scientists, we enable data to flow freely and securely, at a low cost, opening up opportunity in the delivery of healthcare.

Providing dynamic scalability and flexibility

Healthcare is a dynamic industry and an organisation’s IT systems need to be flexible to meet ever-changing needs. The COVID-19 pandemic is a prime case where organisations had to adapt their IT systems dramatically, for example by implementing new technology to help manage and monitor patients or requiring extra capacity to store the data from significantly increased numbers of patients.

The cloud enables Orion Health to economically scale to meet the needs of customers caring for tens, hundreds or millions of individuals. Unlike conventional on-premises software models, the cloud enables digital growth and with AWS, Orion Health can innovate quickly and scale IT environments up and down at speed depending on our client’s needs.

What does the public cloud offer?

The public cloud offers services that individual software vendors can’t quickly or easily create for themselves. This allows developers to do things more quickly, safely and securely – and for less cost, according to Ian McCrae.

The public cloud can provide citizens with a comprehensive easy to use digital front door into their personal medical records. The public cloud provides a strong security and privacy option, enables flexibility and scalability and provides long term cost-effectiveness while accelerating a robust digital strategy.

Make the move to the cloud with Orion Health Cloud

Orion Health Cloud provides clients with secure access to a cloud-based healthcare solution stack delivered as a tailored SaaS model. Our professionals build trusted, open and collaborative relationships with our clients to help alleviate the pressure of managing and maintaining complex health IT ecosystems and ensure you are maximising the value of your digital health solution investments.

As an AWS Partner, Orion Health leverages the computing power and scalability of AWS, taking advantage of machine learning technologies, increasing uptime and driving better outcomes which enables healthcare organisations to care for millions of patients. The scalable and resilient infrastructure, breadth of services and focus on security make AWS Orion Health’s cloud-based platform of choice.

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