Digital Front Door

Redefining people’s healthcare experience

What if there was a way to empower people to access and engage with healthcare, when and where they want it?

Orion Health’s Digital Front Door is an omni-channel consumer engagement platform that integrates data, tools and services for end-to-end healthcare navigation and management.

What sets us apart?

Our platform enables organisations to bring new and existing patient engagement technologies together into a unified, user-friendly hub

Equity and inclusion are key components of the design

Focused on improving clinician and patient experiences

Leverages 30 years of experience in healthcare integration

Integrates with care record for connected interactions

Why you’ll love our tech

By leveraging and integrating existing technologies, organisations are better equipped to manage demand, whilst simultaneously improving the consumer experience

Reduce demand
Reduce demand
Reduce demand on healthcare services
DFD Streamline admissions
Streamline hospital admission processes
DFD Redefine Peoples health care experience
Redefine people’s healthcare experience
DFD Improve healthcare outcomes
Improve healthcare outcomes
DFD Overburdened healthcare staff
Relieve overburdened healthcare staff
DFD Improve heath equity
Improve health equity and system access

Our Digital Front Door spans the entire healthcare journey, from end-to-end healthcare navigation and management to targeted solutions that increase patient engagement and improve the healthcare experience

CONSUMER website

Integrate information, tools and services


Easily customise website content and styling


Plug and play features for your organisation


Give patients access to a complete health record


Manage appointments across healthcare providers

Google Fit & Apple Health Sync

Integrate patient device data

Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor patients remotely from anywhere


Capture information efficiently and accurately

Symptom assessment TOOL

AI-powered symptom checker

Medical conditions library

Searchable library of medical conditions

Services directory

Find local health services and practitioners

Live chat

24/7 communications with healthcare professionals

Video visits

Enable on-demand or scheduled video visits

Knowledge hub

Content to support people on their healthcare journey

Call centre workflow

Mange omni-channel interactions


Leverage natural language processing

Consumer Website

  • Provides people with a single point of content for the health system
  • Integrates healthcare information, tools and services
  • Consistent, easy- to- use, omni-channel platform 

Patient Portal

  • Provides patients with access to their complete longitudinal health record
  • Allows patients to view a list of their circle of care with configurable permissions
  • Enables patient interactions with care plans including goal setting and tracking

Forms and Surveys

  • Captures information directly from the patient at their convenience
  • Patients can complete online assessments to avoid unnecessary hospital visits
  • Obtain feedback using PREMs and PROMs to continuously improve services

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Enables people to follow their personalised care plan at home
  • Provides dashboards for care teams to intervene as early as possible 
  • Allows the review and adjustment of care plans as the patient’s situation evolves  
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