Orion Health has signed an agreement with Minnesota state-certified health information organization (HIO) Koble-MN to deploy its Amadeus precision medicine platform. 

Together the Orion Health Amadeus precision medicine platform and Koble-MN services are a winning combination that will best serve the citizens of Minnesota’s health information exchange (HIE).

Koble-MN is a Minnesota State-certified Health Information Organization that has been created to connect and serve healthcare communities across Minnesota allowing health care information to be securely shared between health care providers within a community or larger region. It allows clinical information to quickly move electronically between the different health care information systems that may be used by a patient’s various providers (e.g., specialists, labs) while maintaining the privacy, security and accuracy of the information being exchanged.  

The recently established HIO will look to achieve critical mass as it expands and aims to be the leading HIO provider in the state of Minnesota which has a population of over 5.4 million

Orion Health CEO Ian McCrae said Koble-MN has adopted a collaborative model, working with stakeholders to provide the oversight required to ensure better healthcare outcomes for the State’s citizens through the sharing of healthcare information.

“By offering the Orion Health Amadeus platform, Koble-MN can ensure more comprehensive care coordination in Minnesota as it will provide multiple participants in the healthcare sector with state-wide access to accurate and real-time data,” said McCrae.

“Today that data is primarily the patient’s medical record; soon it will include information on an individual’s genetic, environmental and social background, which will be necessary for the practice of personalized care known as precision medicine,” added McCrae. 

Orion Health president for North America Wayne Oxenham said the Amadeus platform is gaining favorable attention throughout the U.S. healthcare sector, with Koble-MN being the fifth significant agreement to deploy Amadeus in the U.S.

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