Major changes in the New Zealand healthcare landscape are driving a shift in government investment and an increased private healthcare focus.

This presents new challenges and opportunities, in delivering a high-quality client experience and engaging individuals in managing their own health. New innovative thinking and tools are needed to help deliver better care while balancing organisation demands.

Our solution provides the tools private health insurance providers and healthcare professionals need to improve care quality and clinical outcomes. We provide a fully integrated health system to reduce duplication, save time and improve patient safety.

Our overall goal is to achieve better health outcomes for New Zealanders, ensuring everyone benefits from the application of Precision Medicine to identify the perfect treatment and prevention strategies for each individual.

Benefits for Private Health Insurers

  • Orion Health has been able to bring together all the technical aspects in what is a really complex and difficult area and bring our vision to life. They have been tolerant and patient – and most of all they have listened to what we are trying to achieve. We now have a partner who is embedded with our clinical teams in hospital and primary care and is intuitively working with us to create something that works for both patients and our community.


    CEO, Canterbury District Health Board, NZ

  • Orion Health’s product portfolio continues to be one of the leading platform for Health Insurance organisations.



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