The Orion Health business in Australia has recently redesigned our leadership team to better align with our customers’ needs and ensure our focus on customer success is our #1 priority. Come and meet the new team at HIC located at booth 47 + 48.

The Health Informatics Conference (HIC) is Australia’s premier digital health conference with over 150 presentations, 1200 delegates, 70 exhibitors and 18 workshops. It’s the key event for the Australian Health IT community, bringing together vendors, academics, clinicians and technologists to explore how we can work together to harness technology to improve health. This year it is being held in Melbourne commencing the week of August 12, 2019.

As a Bronze Partner, Orion Health will be exhibiting at the Innovation Expo along with our team of experts. We’re there to connect with you to understand how we can partner to solve the big issues in healthcare today.

We are keen to share some exciting customer successes recently from around the world which can be leveraged locally, as our global footprint continues to expand, now across 15 countries.

Our team will share the latest updates on our innovation in Northern Ireland, where we’ve recently celebrated 6 years of care transformation with their electronic care record solution and more recently, the Diabetes Care Pathway.

A little closer to home, come and hear about some of the great results we’ve seen from many of our solutions in New Zealand, especially the South Island’s PAS, which provides a single record of a patient’s journey through the entire South Island health system. The solution manages inpatient activities and outpatient appointments, waiting lists, admissions and discharges, and alerts and allergies.

This year, we’re pleased to have 3 of our subject matter experts presenting on their accepted papers, as well as one poster presentation.

Dr Kevin Ross – Research Director and CEO of the Precision Driven Health (PDH) partnership.
The increasing volume of diverse data in health, from images to devices to demographic profiles, poses a unique opportunity for health research. This includes identifying personalised risks of developing or escalating health issues and provides an accurate recommendation for prioritising patients. Dr Ross will be speaking on how to safely access data to build tools that improve health.

Dr Mirza Baig – Clinical Informatics Specialist at Orion Health
With readmissions a huge cost to the Public Health System, Dr Baig would like to share our research and development of a predictive risk model for 30 day unplanned hospital readmission for patients.

Anna Spyker – Software Engineer at Orion Health
The way the data is currently collected means that it won’t necessarily make sense to the end user, therefore there needs to be some enrichment and mapping of the data once it is collected. This is essential to ensure that the findings and valuable insights from data science find their way into the hands of those who will benefit. Anna will present an approach to how information should flow, using a smart data platform to illustrate the potential value that can be added to a healthcare organisation’s efficiency and quality of care.

As well as our care coordination and population health solutions, we’re really excited to showcase our latest offering in the machine learning space. Data scientists at Orion Health have been working on a toolkit of machine learning calculators, algorithms and models to help healthcare organisations to get more out of their data. Amadeus Intelligence is a data consulting service that leverages our library of models to identify and extract meaningful insights from health data.

Come and see us at booth 47 + 48 to hear more about this innovative new offering. Our team and I are really looking forward to connecting with the industry and learning how your challenges and priorities can be met by our solutions; in a joint effort to improve health.

Stephen Stoyan

Check out the full programme here, and see our people present at the following times:

Precision Driven Health research project: Turning data into meaningful information
Anna Spyker, Orion Health
Monday 12 August, 2.00pm
Industry and Clinical | Measuring Outcomes: Are you making an impact?

Predicting patients at risk of 30-day unplanned hospital readmission
Dr Mirza Baig, Orion Health
Tuesday 13 August, 2.00pm
Industry | Future thinking: Data Insights Shared

Precision Driven Health research partnership: Safely accessing data to build tools that improve health
Dr Kevin Ross, Orion Health
Wednesday 14 August, 11.00am
Industry | New models: Precision and personal healthcare