A digital front door is a secure and scalable technology solution that offers a whole new way of managing the patient experience. It empowers citizens to interact with the health system at a time and place convenient to them while easing the strain on our health systems. Let’s take a look at five ways a digital front door can benefit healthcare.

  1. Improves consumer experience 

Consumer engagement tools like digital front doors are changing the way healthcare is provided and received, and are helping to create personalised and cohesive customer-centric experiences. A digital front door empowers people with access to all of the tools needed to manage their own, as well as their dependents’ health and wellbeing from a central location. It seamlessly guides consumers through their health journey, helping them to make informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

2. Streamlines end-to-end consumer journeys 

A digital front door addresses fragmented consumer experience as a result of silos by providing a consistent, easy to use, multi-channel interface through which all interactions can occur – including symptom assessment, trusted health information, electronic referrals, access to complete medical records, virtual care and remote monitoring. By integrating all healthcare interactions, a digital front door streamlines the consumer’s healthcare journey and enables people to interact with healthcare in the same way they use other digital services like online banking.

3. Enables efficient use of precious healthcare resources 

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for organisations to adopt virtual healthcare services to keep people out of hospitals, reserving valuable resources for those who need them most. Implementing several digital front door components that enable people to identify and find appropriate services more easily will ensure patients are receiving the right care in the right place. By leveraging the power of machine learning and analytics, a digital front door can guide patients to appropriate care, meaning clinicians intervene at the right time and where necessary.

4. Maximises the value of existing patient engagement technologies

A digital front door solution integrates with existing patient engagement technologies and does not demand replacement of tools that already exist. Taking a best-of-breed approach allows organisations and patients to use systems already in place and in use, such as existing e-referral, virtual care and appointment booking systems. Taking an incremental approach to implementation, leveraging these existing successes, and extending and adding services will provide a holistic digital front door that is adopted and used more quickly.

5. Helps to address gaps in health equity 

Population equity and system access for underserved populations continue to be an issue in traditional healthcare access models. Health equity and inclusion are key components of a digital front door solution’s design to meet people where they are, ensuring all populations can engage and interact with the platform in a way that is convenient for them, from a multi-channel interface to language preferences.

Orion Health’s Digital front door redefines the healthcare experience

Orion Health’s digital front door is a comprehensive consumer engagement solution that provides digital tools for people to interact with health and care organisations. It is a secure, open and scalable platform that brings new and existing patient engagement technologies together into a unified, user-friendly hub.

By leveraging existing technologies, going paperless and adding virtual care services, our solution ensures organisations are better equipped to manage demand whilst simultaneously improving the consumer experience.