Imagine if you could access your health information as quickly as ordering an Uber. In the digital age, instant communication has become the norm in many industries yet healthcare providers have fallen behind. Patients expect to have information at their fingertips but legacy healthcare systems are causing them to become disconnected with their own health. 

Today, when patients are discharged from hospital they are handed a pile of paper and once they arrive home they may have little recollection of what to do to help them recover. Any concerns are forced to wait until follow-up appointments, and there is no way of reminding the patient to take their medication.

By leveraging the Orion Health developer portal, the newly built mobile app ‘Well’ offers patients a unified space for all this information including; discharge summaries, medications, prescriptions and the ability to make their own notes to be shared with their healthcare professionals. 

The latest app developed by Webtools aims to revolutionise the traditional process of how patients receive medical information and encourage people to stay on top of their health. Patients can finally have peace of mind about any health concerns after visiting the hospital, as the app makes it far easier to share information with everyone involved in the patient’s care.

An early adopter of the Orion Health developer portal, Webtools have developed ‘Well’, a patient-facing app that builds on Orion Health’s platform by using a number of FHIR® APIs to interpret relevant data from the platform and present it in a way that makes sense to the user.

By pulling data from multiple sources, the app can display the patient’s medications and set reminders and alerts. Patients will also be able to add their own over-the-counter medications in the future, so all medications are recorded in one place. Patients will no longer have an excuse not to adhere to medical advice, as the app provides them with all the information they need at their fingertips.

Webtools have chosen to pull data from both Incisive and Orion Health’s platforms to give the patient or healthcare provider instant access to the most up to date information about the patient. The app utilises the FHIR® APIs that both platforms support to consolidate and present the information to the user in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.

Many people are now using mobile devices to track their health and exercise data, ‘Well’ builds on this trend by giving people a more in-depth understanding of their overall health. If it’s convenient, accessible and up-to-date, people can become actively involved with their health so they can stay happy, healthy, and out of hospital.

The collaborative nature of Orion Health’s developer portal has meant that Webtools were able to innovate on the platform and build a mobile app that has a positive impact on both patients and providers.

In order to make their vision a reality, the next step for Webtools is to demonstrate the app to get providers interested and ultimately reinvent the way patients engage with their health.

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