Customer knowledge exchange

In this session e-Health Lead from Business Services Organisation Gary Loughran, takes us through the journey of the award-winning electronic health record in Health and Social Care Northern Ireland. 

In 2005 they discussed their strategy for electronic care communications and electronic care records, in the video below Gary talks about the steps they’ve taken since to achieve their strategy.

Some of the things they have implemented onto of their existing ECR:

  • eReferrals triage management
  • Cardiology MDM referrals
  • Single clinical ordering platform 
  • Common results acknowledgement
  • Care pathways for specific workflows e.g. diabetes
  • Regional mortality and morbidity review system

Technical and organisational challenges were faced throughout the implementation. To help overcome some of these, the values of openness and transparency were key to encouraging usage and uptake of the new system. 


 Watch the full video below.