Data is a company’s most significant strategic asset in today’s healthcare landscape. From electronic health records and diagnostic imaging to wearable devices and patient-generated data, the industry produces an unprecedented volume of information that provides significant benefits and efficiencies for providers and patients, provided it is harnessed effectively.

With the amount of health data generated increasing at a rate of 47 percent per year (according to The American Hospital Association Leveraging Data for Health Care Innovation 2021 report), the challenge lies in translating vast volumes of siloed information into meaningful actions. Central to this is integrating the data flow from multiple sources spanning the care continuum, and unifying it into a standardised platform.

This whitepaper explores exciting recent innovations in data management and AI that are driving the evolution towards emerging models and frameworks for healthcare integration and delivery, such as value-based care (VBC). It explains the indispensable need for a health-specific trusted platform to harmonise disparate sources, and the potential of AI in managing and utilising information for insights. It also demonstrates how adaptable data systems can support VBC by facilitating the delivery of higher-quality care, while mitigating the burden of soaring healthcare costs.

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