Auckland, New Zealand – 19 April, 2018 – Orion Health today announced a new version release of Orion Health Enterprise 18.1, to help hospitals operate more efficiently. With hospital budget pressure and the focus on quality of care, now more than ever technology is necessary to help run their operations.

Today Orion Health’s Enterprise solution for health providers is used in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and New Zealand such as VINMEC International Hospital Group in Vietnam, The Medical City and Asian Hospital in the Philippines, Assunta Hospital in Malaysia and Koç University Hospital in Turkey, helping these hospitals to mitigate costs by seamlessly sharing patient data across hospital networks and supporting the care of millions of patients.

“In a modern hospital, enabling timely and appropriate care is critical,” said Dr. Dave Dembo, General Manager Orion Health. “Often there are multiple care teams involved in the care of a single patient, who need access to a holistic, up-to-date overview of the patient in real-time. Orion Health Enterprise and the updated release provides a diverse set of features for the treatment and management of patients, that takes us one step further in our effort to enable the delivery of seamless patient care.”

Doctors, nurses and administrative staff often have trouble accessing and sharing patient information, leading to lower operational efficiency and clinical effectiveness. Orion Health Enterprise allows hospitals to optimise the patient journey, from arrival, through to assessment, admission, care, and discharge. End-to-end management ranges from efficient patient administration, to integrated back office management, scheduling of surgical resources, and pharmacy automation.

In the single system, all paper forms related to the patient are electronically captured with point-of-service scanning, and built-in support for barcode identification enables automatic recognition of the patient, visit, caregiver, and form type when scanned back into the system.

“Orion Health Enterprise is often being used as a ‘catalyst for change’, challenging our developers and hospital administrators together to question their current way of working and innovate to improve workflows which fundamentally improve the experience of patients and healthcare workers. Orion Health Enterprise provides the building blocks for precise care by measuring outcomes, not procedures and focusing on patients, not processes,” said Dr. Dembo.

Stemming from customer feedback, this latest version of Enterprise delivers several customer-focused innovations to help users work smarter. Enterprise 18.1 provides a comprehensive set of tools to support the end-to-end care of patients in the hospital including:

  • Enhanced Patient Banner – Providing access to key patient demographics across Patient Administration (PAS) and Back Office areas and extended further to include financial indicators as well as greater visibility of a patient’s status.
  • Better Outpatient Management – Use of Kiosks is now supported to facilitate the arrival and processing of patients within an Outpatient setting
  • Informative Patient Profile – Feature updates for patient policy search and subscriptions
  • Configurable Radiology Information System (RIS) – Delivering the ability to seamlessly launch 3rd party applications from Enterprise using context-aware plugins.
  • Efficient Back Office Operations – The ability to search for invoices or patient deposits with remaining balances, and then write off all selected, regardless of customer.

“The solution is also aimed at increasing the efficiency of clinical care and administrative tasks across the multiple sites, enabling the hospital network to continuously improve the quality of its healthcare services, as well as help increase efficiency of clinical and technical staff,” said Dr. Dembo.