Orion Health Orchestral De-Identify

Extract insights while maintaining the security and privacy of patient data

Orchestral De-Identify is software for end-to-end de-identification of health data. It is specifically designed for the healthcare industry, with a focus on patient privacy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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De-identify provides an efficient and reliable solution to protect sensitive patient data while ensuring that healthcare providers, researchers, and other stakeholders can extract valuable insights from the data.


Why you'll love our tech

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Protects patient privacy by ensuring all sensitive patient data is de-identified
Ensures compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and privacy acts regulatory requirements
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Extract valuable insights from healthcare data while ensuring patient privacy
Save time and resources without a time-consuming individual patient consent process

Value our tech delivers

De-identifying datasets

Orion Health’s De-identify can de-identify datasets released to external recipient for research or analytical activities. It estimates “contexts” of data recipients to produce optimally de-identified datasets, balancing between utility and protecting the patient’s privacy.

De-identifying database

It is important to test a system with realistic data before entering production, especially if there are some major changes. The best way to ensure that a new system performs as expected, is to go through testing in a similar environment.

The De-identify can help de-identify the production database by removing sensitive PHI information, while still keeping most of the business transaction data intact.

Web-based de-identification portal

The service provides user-friendly intuitive web-based UI screens

  • Individual user login
  • Individual de-identification worklist
  • Create/Update work (questionnaires, meta attributes, risk level, optional configs)
  • Data profiling (cumulative risks, attribute data distribution)
  • De-identification main
  • Database de-identification
  • Report

De-identifying clinical free texts

Textual sections of medical data often have additional meaningful information that may not be found in structured records. Clinical textual data is also hard to de-identify, as it usually has a lot of typos, shorthand, spelling, and grammatical errors. Global privacy regulations, however, do not differentiate between structured and textual data. The same strict constraints are enforced to protect patient privacy. In general, there is still no known practical application that is available and ready to use for textual de-identification.

Orion Health’s De-identify supports de-identifying clinical free text allowing users to upload clinical notes etc to produce pseudonymised surrogated clinical texts to protect patient privacy.

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