Orion Health Orchestral Reporting And Analytics

Delivering insights for better decision making

This population health and operational management tool is used to improve clinical outcomes, patient and staff experience, resource utilisation, information governance and financial performance. 

Capabilities include measuring clinical performance and cost indicators, building cohorts of patients, risk stratifying populations and measuring data quality. Our tool uses a leading visualisation engine to power its dashboards, and includes an out-of-the-box data warehouse to easily explore and consume data for analytics and reporting.


Why you'll love our tech

Gain immediate insights into your data using pre-built dashboard and reports
Explore your data as business users with minimal technical know-how

Apply advanced analytics with machine learning
Improve workflow and data governance using dashboards
Zero effort to develop and maintain a data warehouse


Value our tech delivers

Intuitive data visualisations

Powered by a leading data-visualisation platform designed to produce modern and effective visualisations; e.g., heatmaps, spatial charts, treemaps and packed bubble charts. 

User-friendly Builder Tool

Drag-and-drop desktop tool to empower analysts or business users to create custom dashboards and insights with minimal technical knowledge.

Data warehouse

Ships with a fully documented data warehouse containing curated data stored in a schema, optimised for analytics and reporting.

Subscribe, export and download

Users can subscribe to dashboards to receive them on a regular basis via email. Users can also choose to export the dashboards in various formats; e.g. PDF and PNG, and to download the underlying data in CSV format.

Role-based access control

User permissions are controlled via roles and groups, with access to specific dashboards and options to export or download.

Unique value-add integrations

Offers unique features by integrating dashboards with Orion Health’s Health Intelligence Platform and application services; e.g. opening of patient-in-context, displaying privacy-evaluated patient lists and adding patients to Collaborative Worklists, our digital list application.

Advanced analytics

Integrates with Orion Health’s Machine Learning Manager to deliver insights driven by machine learning models and algorithms.

Library of standard dashboards

Provides a growing library of standard dashboards and reports for customers wanting immediate insights into their data.

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