Imagine a healthcare landscape where shared care records become dynamic, providing health and care professionals with not just information but intelligent insights.

At last month’s UK & Ireland Customer conference, we saw the UK launch of Orion Heath’s Orchestral Health Intelligence Platform and we are buzzing with enthusiasm about the transformative potential of AI in shared care records. 

In our latest video, Mark Hindle, Kevin Ross, Ben Wilson and Brad Porter share their thoughts on the potential of Orchestral and why getting the foundations in place now is key to transforming the future of healthcare. 

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Where next for the shared care record (or the connected care record)?

A lot has happened in the shared care records space over the past couple of years. NHS England made the deployment of SCRs a focus of its plans to recover health services after the COVID-19 pandemic, building on the success of the local health and care record exemplar programme. But what’s next?

Orchestrating the new world of AI in healthcare

Orion Health’s UK and Ireland Customer Conference 2023 focused on the future potential and immediate, practical application of AI to healthcare – and gave delegates a first look at the Orchestral health intelligence platform that will support integrated care systems and trusts that want to get started.