As New Zealand weighs up the introduction of its first national health platform, private healthcare providers and IT experts are forging ahead to disrupt the status quo. They believe patient outcomes can be drastically improved by eliminating data silos among practitioners and sharing information beyond hospital walls.

Southern Cross Healthcare (Southern Cross) is the largest independent private healthcare network in New Zealand, with 10 wholly-owned and numerous joint-venture hospitals nationwide. In recent years, the organisation has extended its care beyond its hospitals, into community physiotherapy and rehabilitation as well as personalised healthcare solutions for New Zealand workplaces. In line with its mission to provide affordable, high quality healthcare to more Kiwis, Southern Cross is undergoing a digital transformation. It aims to improve clinical workflows and patient outcomes through digitisation of clinical pathways and improving information accessibility.

Migrating Core Electronic Patient Records System in 5 Months

Since 2015, Southern Cross has engaged with AWS Partner Orion Health to deliver its Clinical Workstation, an electronic patient record system used by most of Southern Cross’s 2,700 employees. Clinical Workstation uses Orion Health’s Amadeus Clinical Portal to provide a single view of all patient data and includes a suite of role-based Orion Health applications that streamline processes across the entire patient journey, from admission to discharge and follow-up.

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