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Our platforms connect people, healthcare providers and data to achieve better outcomes for all, from individual patients to entire populations.

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A Unified Healthcare Solution

Our solutions enable data to flow across healthcare ecosystems, revealing insights from health records, enabling clinicians to do what they do best, and empowering people to take control of their own care.

A next-gen data & analytics platform with a pre-built health data model that quickly standardizes, contextualizes and centralizes data.

An integrated health record that consolidates patient data across care settings, enabling enhanced care coordination and population health management.

An omnichannel consumer engagement platform that integrates tools and services for end-to-end healthcare navigation and management.

Health Intelligence Platform

Any data in, any format out. Our cloud-native, modern data fabric consists of pre-built data pipelines to standardize and contextualize data, allowing organizations to quickly extract value from their data.

Digital Care Record

Seamlessly integrate a rich data set from disparate systems to provide a comprehensive view of all patient information – improving clinical safety, outcomes and patient experience.

Digital Front Door

Provides tools for people to better navigate, understand and interact with health systems and supports them to fully participate in their own care.

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Introducing Orion Health

We are clinicians, designers and developers creating integrated software solutions to harness healthcare data, and enabling providers to optimise outcomes for individuals, cohorts and entire populations. Proudly New Zealand-owned, we are an organisation spanning 70 customer sites globally, with our platforms managing the data of 150 million people.

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