Many significant discoveries will happen in healthcare as a direct result of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  With improved data use and communication, the advancement of precision medicine, which utilises all available information about a patient including their clinical, social, genomic and environmental information, will significantly improve targeted care and overall wellness. 

This is crucial in the face of growing and aging populations and the rise of chronic diseases where health systems globally are already under strain and more than a third of spending is wasted pursuing the wrong treatments, unnecessary admissions to hospital or inefficient administration. Harnessing health data will lead to new medical discoveries and reduce the strain on the current health system.

Yet, we know healthcare organisations are struggling to store, utilise and analyse their increasingly vast lakes of data which they collect and connect with every day from multiple sources. The advent of cloud will help healthcare organisations take a practical step toward utilising their health data to solve the big issues in healthcare today.

With a focus on cloud in the heavily regulated and complex healthcare sector, Orion Health was recently recognised as an Advanced Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. Utilising AWS’ services enables Orion Health to help healthcare organisations deliver fast, secure data across health systems, ingest and move multiple data sources to the cloud, exponentially increase software quality and speed up development times, all while securing that data to meet compliance, privacy and regulatory requirements.

The move to AWS enables Orion Health to economically scale to meet the needs of customers caring for millions of patients. Migrating to AWS allows us to leverage the flexibility and scalability of AWS to build and deploy innovative software solutions, take advantage of machine learning technologies, increase uptime and security and drive better business outcomes to help our customers improve the delivery of healthcare around the world. It’s a winning combination.

As healthcare organisations shift to the cloud, we will see an incremental improvement in the efficient utilisation of data and connectivity so that healthcare organisations can provide better care for patients. By leveraging data as a strategic asset through accelerated workflows for clinicians, developers, administrators, analysts and data scientists, we enable data to flow freely and securely, at a low cost, opening up a vast innovation opportunity in the delivery of healthcare. The evolution of data-driven precision medicine could ultimately predict a health issue before it reaches a critical stage, avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions altogether.

Recently, Orion Health migrated a number of large customers to AWS. KeyHIE, a Health Information Exchange serving more than 5.8 million patients migrated their systems to the cloud, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, a major Payer organisation in New Jersey migrated to AWS as part of their digital strategy to improve patient-centred care through the use of large and complex data sets for precision medicine.