Serving Spain’s Largest Autonomous Region with Amadeus

On July 20th of this year, Portal de Salud de la Junta de Castilla y León (SACyL) in Spain went live with Orion Health’s Amadeus Platform. This was an exciting new step – both for Orion Health and the SACyL teams as it has proven to be an excellent opportunity to truly stress test Amadeus’ capacity for utilising patient data in improving patient outcomes. The Amadeus platform uses modern technology – based on open source Cassandra – to provide scalability and performance, and enable clinical information to be joined with non-clinical information (such as social data) to provide a complete view of the patient.

SACyL is a part of Spain’s national health system, known as Sistema Nacional de Salud (SNS) which has been in operation since 1986. More specifically SACyL is the public owned and managed health service covering the emergency health services and needs of residents in the Northern Spanish region of Castile and León, the largest autonomous region in the country. Their fleet of ambulances and helicopters oversee the entire region and SACyL’s sixteen intensive care facilities provide emergency health services ranging from minor accidents all the way up to serious hospitalisations.

In the initial go-live with Orion Health, Amadeus was implemented exclusively for SACyL’s ER discharge and nursing continuity of care reports. This however opened up a number of opportunities for ongoing development and enabled major service improvements such as one-click automatic deployments and continuous delivery, managed services for big data infrastructure and a base for fast-growing functionality in future deployments. In the next roll-out, the team are adding several new components to the solution, including allergy management, encounters, laboratory results and radiology before the expected inclusion of social determinants of health into the platform in 2018.

These new modules will have enormous and far-reaching benefits for the people of Castile and León. Having a region-wide data sharing platform that acquires patient data from multiple sources and consolidates it into a shared community record has made the process of updating health records significantly faster, easier and more efficient. In an audit conducted in 2011, SACyL was rated by its residents as the third best service of its kind in Spain, topped only by the neighbouring regions of Asturias and Navarra. For a population of almost two and a half million citizens this is no small feat.

At the other end of the spectrum, the sheer volume of data being captured and processed in the Amadeus eco-system is also providing unparalleled insight into the potential of large scale rollouts of this nature. The Amadeus APIs have enabled consistent access to the full patient record, irrespective of the data source, which has also opened up numerous research and development opportunities for third party groups and will allow for powerful, data-driven improvement for years to come.

Read more about Amadeus the platform for population health management and precision medicine at the link below.