5 innovative capabilities of Amadeus CORE

The purpose of a Health Information Exchange (HIE) is to integrate siloed information repositories and aggregate them on to one platform and to provide the secure and reliable exchange of health information. This then provides a single comprehensive electronic patient health record to help improve diagnosis and treatment, facilitate healthcare navigation to enhance a provider’s ability to provide quality care to their patients.

Amadeus CORE, provides a health platform for the age of AI, with capabilities to facilitate the secure and reliable data exchange from ingestion to data access. Amadeus CORE was built with evolution in mind, meaning that Orion Health has recognised that standards and data formats are evolving and any solution that provides a rich information exchange platform should provide the capabilities that complement the agility required to meet the market.

The key capabilities that make Amadeus CORE the right solution for any HIE include:

  • Data lake with data catalogue
  • Centralised model for health information storage
  • Data integration patterns that understand health information
  • Secure access through APIs
  • Foundational capabilities

Let’s explore the 5 capabilities:

1. Provides a data lake with data catalogue

Amadeus CORE comes with a data lake, with all the expected features from batch/stream ingestion to storing messages in a catalogue with key metrics about data quality. The key capability is Amadeus CORE’s understanding of known health message formats, such as HL7 v2 and CCDA, and the ability for users to draw rich reports on the quality of the messages ingested into the Amadeus CORE data lake. There is the ability to work with participants to ensure that the quality of the data exchanged is first-class, helping the acceleration of quality data exchange within the HIE ecosystem.

Even if the ingested messages are not a standard health format the data lake provides a cost effective and secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud storage facility. This highly scalable data store provides storage for any structured or unstructured message, while offering the ability to retain data for long periods of time with automatically enforced retention policies.

2. Maintains centralised health information storage

On the other side of the spectrum, Amadeus CORE provides storage for health information, in Orion Health’s out-of-the box clinical domains, which can be extended to regional needs. Plus, the completely custom domains built and deployed with the Amadeus CORE tooling.

Figure 2: Centralised health information storage

Amadeus CORE provides a range of clinical domains immediately available for deployment as part of the overall solution. These clinical domains are built and maintained by Orion Health’s domain experts and incorporate feedback from years of deployment experience. The clinical domains can be extended to meet regional and customised needs through the Amadeus CORE tooling provided. These out-of-the-box domains include clinical findings and business interactions, which are great accelerators for storing clinical information.

Custom domains built and deployed using the Amadeus CORE tooling, provide a way to build complete custom domain data models and domain services. The feature richness of the tooling ensures that you can specify the basic storage processes and business rules without needing to be an expert programmer. All that is required to deploy simple data models is the ability to model a domain using the Amadeus CORE visual tooling and an understanding of the characteristics of the data you want to store, whether it be plain old Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD), time series or temporal.

3. Supports data integration patterns that understand health

With 2 pieces of Amadeus CORE described, the natural question is how does information get from the data lake or ingestion point to a domain’s storage? The answer is using the Amadeus CORE built-in data integration services that understand health formats and can be customised to support custom formats. With this piece of the puzzle you can see a well-connected and integrated system centred around supporting the ingestion of health data and the surfacing of health data in a meaningful and secure way.

This key feature of Amadeus CORE means you can stay within the ecosystem of Amadeus CORE and still support the ingestion of standard health and custom formats from ingestion to storage in a rich structured clinical or custom domain model.

4. Presents secure access through APIs

Amadeus CORE provides the ability to ingest and store data in the data lake and a central health information store using domains. But this really is not useful unless people can use the data stored. Providing secure APIs to support an ecosystem with frictionless onboarding of participants and apps is at the heart of Amadeus CORE.

Access can be granted to participants and/or applications to Amadeus CORE with minimal friction in multiple API formations including HTTP REST through domain APIs and SQL through the BI Interface. The rich data provided by the out-of-the-box domains will support any future interchange format, such as FHIR. This is just one of the by-products of using Amadeus CORE out-of-the-box domains to store your clinical data.

5. Delivers foundational platform capabilities 

With any robust HIE solution or health data platform, there are foundational capabilities built in, such as:

  • HIPAA compliance
  • HiTRUST certifiable
  • Full observability from both an operational and security point of view

The foundational capabilities are completely managed by Orion Health, ensuring that HIEs can concentrate on exchanging health information and not on running IT cloud systems at scale.

Amadeus CORE delivers the foundation of an HIE, by aggregating and storing patient data to enable the exchange of health information. Data is easily queryable via APIs and a BI interface to support a range of clinical applications. Organisations can take a first step along their data journey from a messaging engine towards foundational health information exchange data platform capabilities with this cost-effective and low-risk solution. Amadeus CORE is the health platform for the age of AI and with its innovative capabilities provides a big step forward in providing secure, scalable, frictionless and a simple to operate system, that can form the foundation of any cloud-based HIE.