The NZ Hi-Tech Awards are held every year to celebrate New Zealand’s vibrant technology sector.

This year the HealthOne team – a partnership between Canterbury District Health Board, Orion Health and Pegasus Health, were honoured to accept the Best Technology Solution for the Public Sector.

HealthOne is an Electronic Health Record that collects clinical information from across the health system, giving clinicians access to the best and most up-to-date information to help them make more informed health decisions.

Soon to be in use across the entire South Island, HealthOne contains information for over 800,000 New Zealanders and represents a significant stride towards achieving the Government’s goal of a single Electronic Health Record that puts the patient at the centre of care.

Carolyn Gullery, Executive Sponsor for HealthOne says that HealthOne has managed to solve a problem that has eluded pretty much everyone else: How do you share information securely, when clinicians across numerous providers all use different systems?

“The growth of HealthOne has made a huge difference to how we deliver care – patients and clinicians on the South Island can now be assured that we have the most up-to-date information available at the point of care when it is needed. It also means we don’t waste the patient’s time re-doing things such as tests that have already been done by someone else in the health system.”

The HealthOne solution has been a catalyst for change in the complex South Island health system, and by allowing appropriate access by clinicians to a shared patient record on a single platform that contains primary, community and hospital patient data, it has simplified some of that complexity.

Most importantly, HealthOne means less time wasted for the patient – as a single source of truth is accessible to all clinicians involved in the circle of care, there is less time spent looking for results or running repeat tests, and the patient can get home sooner.

HealthOne is about to complete its roll out across the South Island, when all five southern region DHBs will be connected to the same shared electronic medical record for both primary and secondary care. Nelson Marlborough will be the final DHB for the South Island rollout and is set to go-live mid-June.

Winning the Hi-Tech awards has been a great achievement for the HealthOne team and is testimony to the strength and complementary expertise of the partnership.

Media Contacts:

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Corporate Marketing Manager
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