Auckland, New Zealand – 10 September 2018 – Orion Health today announced a new version of its complete hospital information system, Enterprise.

Enterprise is an end-to-end solution for the management of hospitals, with functionality across patient administration, back office management, surgical and ward management, laboratory and radiology, clinical and pharmacy workflows.

By signing-on to a single-database, multi-lingual system, clinicians can access the longitudinal electronic patient record from any location within the hospital. The new features included in the latest release, Enterprise 18.2, add layers of value by streamlining processes to improve efficiency.

“As many hospitals continue to struggle with capacity and resource management, streamlining processes becomes incredibly important in improving care delivery”, says Darren Jones, CEO – Hospitals at Orion Health. “Through incremental updates, Orion Health’s Enterprise functionality is constantly improving and helping hospitals to better manage precious resources”.

One key feature of this release is a redesign of the process for creating a new-born patient record. To drive efficiency and mitigate duplicated effort, new-born records can now be created using the mother’s record as a foundation. Users can copy information directly from the maternal record, saving valuable clinical and administrative time.

“At Orion Health, we are committed to continuously adding value for our customers through regular updates,” says Shrikant Shrivastava, Orion Health’s Product Director for Enterprise.

In addition, this release supports improvements to capacity planning and management. When a patient is added to a surgery waiting list, a planned transfer can be automatically created to the post-surgery ward so that users can view these prospective patient movements, ensuring a seamless transition and timely transfers.

Additional features included in the new release are:

  • Patient preferences: The Patient Profile now includes the ability to record patient preferences resulting in an increasingly customised patient experience. These can be organised into groups for easy identification and selection.
  • Usability of Patient Accounting: To drive efficiency, several enhancements have been made to e-claims in Enterprise including performance improvements and authorisations assigned by time instead of date only.
  • Telemetry – Active Care Event Viewer: A new Active Care system has been introduced to enable a hospital’s IT team and Orion Health’s support team to proactively monitor and maintain the hospital’s operating system. The Active Care Event Viewer screen displays various types of ‘events’ on a particular machine and enables the system administrators to troubleshoot issues such as crashes, exceptions and performance problems and identify the root cause of problems.
  • Radiology Order Web Service: This provides an additional channel to create and cancel radiology orders using external client systems, in addition to the existing HL7 interface.

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