Fresh leadership and game-changing solutions to unlock the power of health data in the region

21 March 2024

Global leader in digital health technology, Orion Health, is set to improve the healthcare experience across South East Asia by bringing its flagship Unified Healthcare Platform (UHP) to the region for the first time. Industry stalwart, Timothy Kim, is also returning to Orion Health, bringing his 26 years of experience to lead the refreshed local business as Asia Sales Director.

Orion Health VP for APAC, Niru Rajakumar said “Across South East Asia we have seen a move to population health, preventative care and health systems seeking to maximize their data to get better insights. The future of healthcare will be underpinned by the UHP empowering people, revealing insights from data, and unifying healthcare silos seamlessly.

“The UHP is a first-of-its-kind suite of products that unifies personal, public and healthcare-specific data. This industry-leading technology is secure, interoperable, compliant and scalable – and the only unified healthcare data platform exclusively built for the healthcare industry.”

The UHP comprises three building blocks: The Amadeus Digital Care Record, which consolidates patient data across care settings, enhancing care coordination across settings and has been deployed to more than 70 times around the world to HIEs and ShCRs; The Virtuoso Digital Front Door, which enables people to access their data and navigate their healthcare journey; and the powerful Orchestral Health Intelligence Platform which enables real-time insights and predictive analytics to improve clinical outcomes and population health.

By design, the UHP is complemented by, and connects beautifully to Orion Health’s functionally rich, fully integrated Hospitals Electronic Patient Record, a hospital information system which has already been deployed in the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Hospitals information system supports the delivery of optimized healthcare by streamlining administrative and clinical workflows. It seamlessly connects disparate systems, empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions from one system.

Newly appointed Asia Sales Director, Timothy Kim, returns with his unique experience as a registered nurse, as well as his expertise in developing and implementing clinical solutions. Timothy has honed his unmatched skills in the US and across the region over the last quarter of a century, firstly with Orion Health, the Singapore Ministry of Health Holdings, and later with hospitals, Medtech, and Allscripts.

“I have seen firsthand how the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare can be met by unlocking data from silos, giving people access to their health data and applying the power of new technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) to large-scale, healthcare-specific data sets.

“The Orion Health Hospitals information system and the UHP elevate the patient experience, providing an elegant, patient-centric journey through the health system. I look forward to collaborating with health systems in places like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore as well as our existing partners in Thailand and Vietnam,” says Timothy Kim.