Enabling Smarter Hospitals

Auckland, New Zealand – Orion Health™ (OHE:NZX/ASX) a global eHealth software company delivering interoperable solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide, today announced the release of Orion Health Enterprise version 17.3.

Enterprise is a complete hospital solution that provides end-to-end management of hospitals, ranging from efficient patient administration, back office management, surgical management, laboratory and radiology.

This latest version of Enterprise delivers several customer-focused innovations to help users work smarter. Enterprise 17.3 provides a comprehensive set of tools to support the end-to-end care of patients in the hospital, these include:

  • Enhanced Patient Administration Overview: Users are now able to view and manage all the patient administration activities in a centralised, patient-centric view. This includes Referrals, Waiting List Entries, Outpatient, Inpatient and Emergency Activities as well as related information like Coding of the related diagnosis or procedures.
  • Referral Details Form Improvements: This release brings increased granularity to the Prioritisation Outcome details for Referrals. Where the outcome results in a transfer, the associated transfer specialty and facility information is captured.
  • Distinction of Referrals that are Presenting or Related: Enhanced Referral Management allows for the identification of each referral as a Primary Referral (i.e. the initial Referral from the Primary sector), or a Related Referral (linked to the initial Primary Referral).
  • Greater Outpatient Management Capability: Enhancements now provide a configurable multi-tiered structure that enables greater granularity when recording the outcome of outpatient activities. i.e. where a patient attended – but the service was not delivered, where the patient was departed to another DHB or Health Specialty. Enhancements to Outpatient Management screens enable seamless outpatient workflow management capability across the system.
  • Enhanced Leave Management: Leave Management has been implemented on Visit Manager, Ward Management and Admission Management. System messages are able to be set to third party applications for all leave events.
  • Document Printing Enhancements: The Patient Administration System now includes enhanced printing functionality as well as bulk printing capability in the Outpatient Activity Workbench.
  • Enhanced Inventory Management: The addition of ‘In-Package’ item selling price management offers greater flexibility to Financial Controllers who can define a package price in addition to the individual item price for inventory items.
  • Enhancements to Clinician Fee Workbench: Agreements for pools and individual Clinicians for Clinician Fee Reimbursements are often negotiated for threshold-based amounts. For example, a pool of Clinicians will receive an extra 20% reimbursement if they bill over $100,000 in a month. Interval Adjustments can now be configured and then applied for either a pool or individual Clinician based on all reimbursements for a specified time period.
  • Cashier Discount Approval: Hospitals can now configure a formal discount approval process for specific discount types with the new Discount Approval Workbench.

Shrikant Shrivastava, Product Director, Enterprise says “We remain committed to delighting our customers in their journey to provide enhanced patient care and efficient hospital operations. The Orion Health Enterprise 17.3 release provides a diverse set of features that takes us one step further in our effort to enable Smarter Hospitals, and I look forward to seeing it in action at our customer sites.”