Virtuoso Digital care record

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Transform your approach to care coordination and achieve better outcomes at lower costs.

Orion Health’s Amadeus Digital Care Record delivers relevant information on a unified platform to enable seamless collaboration across care settings.  

Streamline care across the entire patient journey

Oftentimes, care delivery in the US is fragmented, misaligned and inefficient, leading to negative health outcomes and skyrocketing costs. For healthcare systems to remain sustainable, the approach to care delivery needs a dramatic digital transformation that will unify actions across hospitals, clinics and homes.

Orion Health’s Digital Care Record streamlines patient care across multiple care settings by providing the right information to the right people. Our platform operationalizes care pathways with one unified platform, enabling care teams to safely share information, track services and treatments and simplify care transitions. 

By intelligently connecting information, clinicians have a comprehensive view of their patients and can provide personalized care based on a patient’s specific information and history. Our platform seamlessly integrates into your existing technology to significantly improve your approach to care delivery and coordination at every level.

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Clinical Portal

  • A secure web-based solution that provides clinicians with tools to support patients care by integrating existing disparate information systems
  • A unified interface to access and view a longitudinal patient health record
  • A single view of all patient data in one place

Care Pathways​

  • Provides clinical, administration and patient-focused tools to manage and optimize patient care
  • Enables management of simple, local clinical workflows to chronic care patients being treated across multiple providers

Care Plans

  • Patient-centered, individualized and prioritized plans for the effective care of patients shared with the patient’s circle of care 
  • Documents a patient’s needs, diagnosis, assessments undertaken, summary of medications and problem list, and agreed-upon goals and interventions


Collaborative Worklists

  • Patient management tool that supports effective and efficient clinical workflow within the Digital Health Record
  • Enhances clinical workflow by removing the need for paper patient lists and spreadsheets
  • Facilitates better collaboration between care teams and ensures that no patient falls through the cracks, no task is left undone, and errors and are minimized

Medication Management

  • Intuitive workflow tools to safely manage a patient’s medications as they transition between care settings
  • Facilitates reconciling and prescribing medications on admission, discharge and within outpatient clinics
  • Promotes medication adherence and reduces medication errors

Reporting and Dashboards ​

Using effective data visualizations to create insights for:

  • Measuring clinical performance and costs
  • Identifying cohorts of patients based on clinical needs, outcomes performance, clinical trial eligibility, or cost management
  • Risk-stratifying populations
  • Managing data quality
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