Watch this webinar on-demand to gain insight into the Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record 

The Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record (NIECR) was rolled out across the whole country in 2013, to provide health and social care professionals with a single view of key patient information. Today, this has over 700,000 user logins per month and has won a number of industry awards, most recently ‘Best Connecting Healthcare Project of the Year’ in the UK’s Health Tech Awards.

In this webinar, Stephen Beattie, eHealth Programme Manager at Business Services Organisation will outline the functionality of NIECR and the many capabilities that have been added to the original platform over the past six years. He will then focus in on how the platform supports care in the community, including how data from community systems has been incorporated, access for community optometrists, a fully integrated care pathways for diabetes, a patient portal for those living with dementia and more.