Adapting successfully to new, value-based delivery models.

Healthcare organisations globally are investing significant resources in re-architecting their care delivery infrastructures to enable them to adapt successfully to new, value-based delivery models.

This is driven by a need to reduce the increasing costs of healthcare while improving healthcare outcomes.

To achieve this, healthcare organisations are looking for ways to proactively manage the health of populations to prevent the onset of avoidable chronic conditions, and to better manage those already suffering from chronic disease. This is broadly termed a shift to population health management, with proactive management of the health of a given population, typically through care that is coordinated across the community through a number of linked healthcare organisations.

One of the most complex and critical aspects of building the foundation for successful population health management is developing an IT infrastructure that will enable clinicians and administrators to access and share the clinical and financial information they need, and allow them to streamline and automate their processes to ensure the most efficient clinical and administrative workflows.

Orion Health has devised what it believes are the six key stages in the journey to successful population health management – the six “As”, as outlined in this white paper.

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